50 Cent Starring in Pimpin’ Curly ep.5.5 (Video)

Uh oh Flex, Curly’s upset. And he’s got a fuckin’ zoo on! Is it funny? Noowowooowoo! In response to Officer Ricky’s time on Funk Flex yesterday. I’ve included the video of that interview after the jump…

*head butts computer screen


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

26 Responses to “50 Cent Starring in Pimpin’ Curly ep.5.5 (Video)”

  1. 50 straight lost hiz mind

  2. i wuz rick ross i wudnt fuck wit him. i mean. damn. itz funny…but kinda scary 2


  4. ^^^ Fif got the money he could careless bout a 1000$ cam lolz

    but send that my way homie! 🙂

  5. Looks like curly could use some activator haha.

  6. iite that shit is gettin old now

    get back to the music 50

    if you have time each week to impersonate a pimp

    you should be able to impersonate a decent emcee for 60 minutes
    on your next shit.

  7. time each week? you mean the 5 minutes he spent doin that?

    headbutts the screeen

  9. OF COURSE!!!!

  10. haha man said he’s wearing a motha phuckin zoo, shit is classic. About dude talking about get back to music, you must realize he’s an entertainer not fucking musician. Right now fif making money from so much angles, and acting is where the guap is. Curly can open his opportunities to getting a similar role in the movie industry.

    Think big peoples.

  11. hahahaha…the head butt was unexpoected but i like the pimpin curly thing..obviously fif doesnt feel like he’s good enough or ricks good enough 2 continue beefin so he’s jus doing these lil skits 2 b like nigga leave me alone.

  12. i did not see that headbutt coming either man. lmao

  13. hahahaha “I got the muthafuckin zoo on”



  15. zmoneyent said…
    “…he’s an entertainer not fucking musician…”
    That right there is how hard your willin to hold to a niggaz dick shaft
    You ,as a fuckin’ stan, are willin’ to admit he’s not a rapper before you acknowledge Ross is killin him on wax
    This “skits” are gettin tired
    Where the fuck are the records?
    Now he’s goin after his other baby mama??
    he’s gonna pay some bitch ross use to fuck for what purpose?
    Oh yer…
    ‘Cause he’s an “entertainer”
    You niggaz call yourselves street but cant see your being bamboozle

    It sounds like his feelin are hurt because what he thought would keep Ross bodied aint do shit but amp this nigga up and continue to diss ol boy
    50 to this day has not bodied NO ONE
    NO ONE
    Everyone is still doin them

    JaRule bodied himself with too many wack records
    And Fat Joe is still doin him
    The Game is still doin gold and platinum
    And Ross is still talkin shit

  16. The Invisibles why are you so mad? Stop catching feelings.

    I dig the skits. It’s all fun and games. I’m sure we can all agree that 50 needs to step up his single material. In general, most artists need to step up their quality.

  17. shit was funny tell invisibles get off his period

  18. 50 needs to get a role in a comedy movie ASAP dat mufucka is funny

  19. lol @ the zoo.
    but was 50 rollin’ in a geo tracker? why the fuck did that shit look so small….

  20. Check out the Rick Ross Con-Fessions… It’s old but it’s funny as shit.


  21. “I’ll headbutt you, man…” Bop!

    Hilarious. Fif ain’t got no sense…

  22. ugh shake, you can’t block invisibles IP address?

  23. THE INVISIBLES don’t get a stiffy.

    I’m being entertained by fif, Ross is a fraud. I’m here to be entertained, not to see rappers kill each other.

  24. The invisibles has a myspace page they are trying to promote, hence his outrages comments. Ignore him and he’ll go away.

  25. […] BooBooTV? Haha… sorry Ricky. The now if he was a real gangster, a real g…if you was gonna fly [Tia] up and take her shopping, you shoulda banged on tape talk you did with Flex might come back to haunt you (again). Curly is upset. […]

  26. honestly man, do you remember when stuff like this was ‘cool’?
    when the radio had a purpose?
    why are they hyping this kindergarten beef? its so whack and stupiddddddddddddddddddd and fake.

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