Drake – November 18th (Chuck Inglish Remix)

Drake’s remake, gets remixed by The Cool Kids’ Chuck English (who spits a verse as well). Shouts to OctsVeryOwn (and Nero for the heads up).

DOWNLOAD: Drake – November 18th (Chuck Inglish Remix)


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

30 Responses to “Drake – November 18th (Chuck Inglish Remix)”

  1. Yehhh Drizzy this shit is pretty dope!!! Not better than the original but I dig it. Whew!

  2. This shit just sounds like Chuck English just took Raekwons “Incarcerated Scarface’s” beat and slowed it down to mix with this song and slow the vocals of Drake’s original track, “November 18th” to make it match.

  3. I like this track a little more than the original maybe just because Chuck sampled Incarcerated Scarfaces but i still think that Kris Kross sample that screw did is sick too!

  4. my favorite trackk off the tape just got iller . that’s wassup !

  5. kinda off beat if u listen closely, its okay tho

  6. not bad. for the most part i like chuck’s remixes

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  8. cool spelling of inglish.

  9. kinda off beat if u listen closely, its okay tho
    Cool Kids or w/e they are called always sound that way to me, and this is no different. I love the original, but this is aight.

  10. mannnnn, chuck made this sound like some real Screw ish

  11. the beat is dope. should of laced a new song with that. i dont like it with this song. and its my favorite off so far gone, besides the omarion joint and a night off (classic rnb shit)….. inglish spits, but he should of stayed on topic with drake

  12. chucks verse was nice as fuck

    but i never liked when he remade songs…

    cool kids on cool kids beat nice….
    other rappers on cool kids beat… most of the time they good

    but in my opinion old verses from other rappers on a cool kids beats… never did it for me

  13. I feel like puking!

  14. Idk i didnt feel this remix at all…the original was fiya bit i guess this jus didnt seem right 2 me vuz i was used 2 it…i couldnt even make 2 the end..

  15. This is Dope. Always good to here new TCK.

  16. uH…. NO…..

    Do you guys not understand what he was doing with this track? Oh, that’s right, you don’t. YOu’re not from Houston.

    November 18th is a shout out to DJ Screw’s “June 22nd”. It’s a classic track down here in Houston’s underground. The beat Drake used was the original track. Aint NOBODY down here that doesn’t know that beat.

    Shouldn’t have been touched.

  17. whatchu bitchin about Nous ?

    i know june 22nd . shit’s ill .

    it ain’t like chuck fucked wit that song , or even with the beat in general , all he did was change the beat n add a verse .

    you act like dude took a doodoo on the bible or some shit .

  18. I like the Cool Kids, but I’m not quite feelin’ Chuck’s version of this song. I’m from H-Town as well so I’ve become quite attached to the original.

  19. Wow this beat does not go with this shit…. This is a horrible remix….

    I though Chuck would do better than this…

    Chuck should of just kept this to himself, his verse is cool though

  20. yeah the original version is fucking super dope.

    this just sounds weird.

  21. Wasn’t quite feeling this.

  22. HAZE, maybe I did come across too harsh. I can see that in hindsight.

    But, what I mean is, he took away the essence of what it was, and can only be, by remixing it. From an artist’s standpoint, the song is now nil… not to mention, the remix isn’t hot at all.

    It sounds weird cause it was SUPPOSED to be with the original beat BY CONCEPT. That beat IS the concept for the whole song.

  23. June 27th*

    …and the OG beat is a kriss kross record. suc just ripped it to shreds.

    anyway… this track sucked until chuck did his verse. joint was off beat like a muh fucker.

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  25. Thumbs down and I don’t even have to listen, just dodge all the sweat y’all drippin’ on this dude, lol

  26. feelin this much more than the original, mr. english sure can make a beat

  27. Disrespect. June 22nd is like the star spangled banner to houston. But I never really felt that hipster rap that the cool kids are pullin, so that may be it.

  28. i don’t care what you haters have to say, this is ‘madd ill’!! props to chuck for a dope remix and even more dope verse.

  29. DOPE

  30. Shits wack.

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