Eligh & Jo Wilkinson – Safe f. Slug (of Atmosphere) & Pigeon John

Today, Eligh & Jo Wilkinson (his mother) are dropping a collaboration album like few I’ve seen. But instead of the Cup talking about the project, I’ll let Ms. Wilkinson speak on it…

The album, “On Sacred Ground: Mother and Son” is certain to bring people together through music. It is an album of peace, love, hope, and strength, and tackles the issues of drug addiction, war and hopelessness. Combining my voice in the folk genre, along with a sound only Eligh can bring out of me, and mixing it up together with some of the greatest underground hip hop artists in the country (including The Grouch of The Living Legends, Slug of Atmosphere, and Pigeon John), this album is a totally unique and masterfully created labor of love.

I got an early copy of the album in the mail the other day and only got to give it a half-assed listen. I’m gonna revisit it soon as something like this deserves some attention. With that said I wanted to give ya’ll the track featuring Slug & Pigeon John, entitled Safe. Enjoy and be sure to cop the album now.

DOWNLOAD: Eligh & Jo Wilkinson – Safe f. Slug (of Atmosphere) & Pigeon John | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Eligh & Jo Wilkinson – Safe f. Slug (of Atmosphere) & Pigeon John”

  1. Please don’t sleep. This is a really good album. I peeped almost all of it on Mypsace. Caught me completely off guard.

  2. I have this album and I can tell you, this is on constant rotation. Really beautiful album.

  3. man the Living Legends need to slow down haha…these dudes prolly got a 100+ albums between em and they always drop around the same time

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