Jay Rock – Follow Me Home f. The Game

This leaked back in ’07 under the name of California Soul. I’m pretty sure it was a radio rip though. Whatever the case may be, the track has been remixed and mastered and will now serve as the title track to Jay Rock’s upcoming debut.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Rock – Follow Me Home f. The Game | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Jay Rock – Gudda Music


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

15 Responses to “Jay Rock – Follow Me Home f. The Game”

  1. hot. whoever posts after me is a homo

  2. ……..dope

  3. *no homo

    Jay sounds like Game too

  4. actually on the song, he doesnt sound as much like Game as usual

    *still no homo

  5. kinda was hoping for a game verse, w/e thought jay rock over that sample is good enough for me

  6. Fire

  7. […] More here: Jay Rock – Follow Me Home f. The Game […]

  8. Jay Rock’s album is gon be good.

  9. Damn my nigga Jay Rock killed this! Whoever made this beat he try getting on his album cause it fits his style! This is real gudda music can’t wait for his album to finally drop this year!
    The song with Game was real dope to glad to finally a cdq mastered version of that!

  10. wrong post lol this song is real dope to though & just refer to the last sentence

  11. the california soul song i got with the game isnt this, but i dont think that has jay rock on it.

  12. yeah this is the one im thinkin of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LebL2IUx3A&feature=related
    (game verse)

  13. game and skyballa made this a while ago


  15. i wish people would learn to read before they got access to the internet. let alone the 2dopeboyz url. smh…

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