KiD CuDi – SuperBoo (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Great fucking video (as if you couldn’t tell it was gonna be from the still shot above haha). Directed by Tishaun Dawson, featuring The Beautiful Warriors. I don’t care what CuDi has to say about this one… this better stay up.


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

33 Responses to “KiD CuDi – SuperBoo (Video)”

  1. Ladies look great! Couldn’t even here the song with them on the screen haha

  2. yeah, i wouldnt exactly call it a music video, just a video of tiddies and ass with music in the background lol!

  3. Music video is the shit. CuDi is what he is, hook isn’t catching me.

  4. hey whats good on some wale update?

  5. Nothing bad to say about that.

  6. yea i didnt listen to the song at all..

    but those ladies are beautiful.

  7. I won’t lie. I’m not feeling the SONG at all. The video is dope though. First time I heard the song I was just sittin there like “what the fuck? Dude had to be high as shit when he made this.”, and I still feel exactly the same. I think Cudi can be very dope at times, but it’s tracks like this that keep me from saying flat out that I’m a fan.

    Fuck is a super boo?

  8. “I think Cudi can be very dope at times, but it’s tracks like this that keep me from saying flat out that I’m a fan.”

    exactly what i was thinking.

  9. this an official video???

    it’s great either way tho, who dont wanna watch that

  10. Not to sound all gay but that video displayed women in a very tasteful manner that is rarely seen nowadays.


  11. Heavy focus on facial features. Video has some class to it.

    The song sounds like a demo.

  12. Now that’s a dope video!!!! DAMN!

  13. 1 girl naked is fine…but 6 or 7 i didnt count em..thats excellent..i wish i was that director is dope imo..but maybe i jus like corny shit like that.

  14. wtf, ppl are worried about the song!? punani is a priority!

  15. Nazanin and Jessie would GET IT

  16. damn, this is the best video i have ever seen. i think i might know a couple girls in this 2!!! ahaahaa

  17. The song is dope as hell imo. ……and i JIZZED in my pants!!

  18. i think the song is alright. people may not like it but fuck it. u jus gotta do what u wanna do and no one else and I think Cudi is a good example of that. its just nice to hear new music from Cudi. the video is nice. def. depicts women in a different light.

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  20. Tishaun Dawson knows what to do and The Beautiful Warriors need to come out and PLAY!!!!!!!! Great vid.

  21. guess this is NSFW.

  22. I don’t know if its amazing, but the girls are mighty fly in this official though?

  23. crazy video…my only problem is..where the black women???

  24. best…video…EVER!!!

  25. ok…maybe not “EVER”, but itz awesome nonetheless!

  26. its not official (see cudi’s blog)


  27. I was pretty bored by that video.

  28. vids clean but is this nigga talkin bout Dragonball Z or sum shit? lol yall kno wat im talkin bout..

    & i agree 100% wit Steve-O…i remember this line from Mawi Wowi,”What it do, Boo?” which always makes me and my boys crackup…i thought Kanye’s lines sumtimes were corny or didnt make sense but Cudi does shit like this constantly…

  29. Ill.

  30. ill

  31. The video is dope

  32. i’m a kid cudi fan, but this song sucks.

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