Oddisee – Hip Hop’s Cool Again (prod. Oddisee)

It shouldn’t matter where you see Oddisee’s name. Be it as an emcee or a producer. You should already know it’s gonna be dope. But what about when he’s both? You got it… (2)dope! Bah, that was corny but you get what I’m saying. Off the upcoming Mental Liberation compilation, dropping May 5th on Mello Music. Shouts to Mr. Rosenberg for the hook up!

DOWNLOAD: Oddisee – Hip Hop’s Cool Again (prod. Oddisee)


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

12 Responses to “Oddisee – Hip Hop’s Cool Again (prod. Oddisee)”

  1. oddisee is dope on the beats the artwork is tacky though.

  2. That’s the artwork from a flyer for a show a few years back in Europe. The artmork is much different for the album. Good lookin out Shake!

  3. ODDISEE is a dope on the boards and the mic..still waiting on a solo album from ODDISEE.

  4. oddisee is one of the last artists thats actually dope and has integrity..he works with dope artists aswell and hes all about good music man…i wish he blows up man..he shouldve been xxl top class..meh

  5. Who else is on the compilation? Definitely would like a real solo from Oddisee (and a sophomore album from Kenn Starr too).

  6. Oddisee!
    Thanks for posting this.
    I play “A Song For That” at least once a day…

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  8. no offence, but sounded like he either ghost write for kanye or vice versa

  9. sounds nothin like Kanye, but my brother kills the track! look out for that Diamond District soon! what up DC and PG County!!

  10. I’ve heard some joints off the diamond district…
    and EVERYONE should know about that piece of fuego music thats coming out

    either way
    always love to hear some QUALITY verses/instrumentals from Oddisee

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  12. […] few tracks from this as of yet unreleased disc have made the rounds at 2dopeboyz and the like, but judging by all those comments dropped over there, a market certainly exists for a […]

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