Raekwon – Letter to B.I.G.

The Chef pens a letter to The Notorious B.I.G. Shouts to Alex!

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon – Letter to B.I.G.


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

13 Responses to “Raekwon – Letter to B.I.G.”

  1. too bad Raekwon can’t read or write, Biggie threw bleach in his eye!

    haha, jk…all hail The Chef!

  2. “Niggas bit off NaS’ shit!”

  3. Yeah it was dope, I hope OB4CL 2 comes out soon. Rae’s killing us Wu fanatics w/ the waiting lol. I remember pre-ordering it in 06 lol.

  4. “Niggas bit off NaS’ shit!”


    lmao Steve_O, your the homey!

  5. Real recognize real and all that cliché shit, lol.

  6. Ha, the world could use a little more peace and respect, its mutual homey.

    lol, now that is cliche^

  7. Hip-hop can’t be dead since Wu-Tang is forever!

  8. damn..i actually understand what rae’s rappin about on this one..

  9. […] See original here: Raekwon – Letter to B.I.G. […]

  10. Raekwon you’re the man, but this concept is a bit played out by now.

  11. check ya history ppl raekwon aint even like big when he was alive he use 2 call big a biter this shit fake 2 me how the sayin go hate u when u alive everybody love u when u dead FUCK raekwon change a heart n B.I.G 4EVA

  12. Raekwon & Ghost squashed their issues with biggie before he passed, and they were planning a track together..

    but the song is wack..sorry, Jadakiss’ version was sooo much better, nice try Rae

  13. Rae came real correct on this and did this justice from one legend to another! Although it was to short! Can’t wait for Rae’s mixtape & album!

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