Saigon – Warning Shots 2 Trailer (Video)

As everyone knows by now, Saigon inked a deal with Amalgam Digital. Who will be helping him release All in a Day’s Work (with Statik Selektah) which drops next week (hit the plantation for the tracklist); followed by Warning Shots 2. I’ve gotta say, for a digital label they sure aren’t too nifty with digital video. First the botched stream, and now a poorly lit and edited YouTube video? Naaahh….


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

9 Responses to “Saigon – Warning Shots 2 Trailer (Video)”

  1. I swearrrr Saigon dissed joey for being on Amalgam Digital in one of the diss records.

  2. i’m coppin’ it!

  3. trash

  4. talkin bout he doing it big on amalgam digital hahaha

  5. The video is raw but i dont think its all that bad..they kind of started all those with max b tv and jbtv look at their youtube page

  6. talkn bout doin it big on amalgam….terrible.yea they is back the live feed for the sob’s night when slaughterhouse never went through, AMALGAM DIGITAL IS SOME SCAM PEOPLE RUNNING THAT LABEL!!!REALTALK. n oh yea i heard that dj next dude is gay. ugggh nasty.

  7. I’m a Sai fan but this is on some hypocritical shit.

  8. they all hypocrites..wake up dickriders…Love both Sai ond Joe but a lot of times they come off self-righteous as fuck…Would like to see collab though.. Budden, Royce + Sai would be sick

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