SemtexTV: The Asher Roth Story (Video)

In conversation with DJ Semtex, Asher talks about how he started rapping, how he got signed, what he thinks of the Eminem comparisons, the new album and more…


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

21 Responses to “SemtexTV: The Asher Roth Story (Video)”

  1. why?? WHy??? FuCK! enough of this

  2. that was dope

  3. That was tight
    why are there so
    many Asher Roth HATERS?
    if you dont like him
    dont CLICK IT!

  4. who da fuck cares! gtfoh wit dis over hyped fake slim shady!

  5. Fake ass dude who got put on because his pops is an industry guy.

  6. […] x Asher Roth Collected by thewaveclub 00 mins ago from // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]

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  8. ash roth
    kid cudi
    the cool kids
    c hamilton

    ’09 is a brand new year.
    ash’s album is about to surprise a lot of people.
    i can see the future and dude is gonna be a problem very soon.
    mark my words.

  9. “Fake ass dude who got put on because his pops is an industry guy.”

    please wtf is fake about him

  10. Asher Roth is about to make a lot of money, alot of it lol
    good luck homes

  11. dude is mediocre, nothing special about him at all.

  12. Man Let this dude alone, its something different what tha fuck you want? More “stanky leg” shit? more ex-cop fake thug shit?

  13. allot of white kids going to be mad because they didn’t make it and allot of black dudes going to be mad because they didn’t make it either. Dudes coming real and so far I find nothing wrong with him, he’s just doing him and having fun with it.

    I really can’t stand unsigned kids living with there parents talking about guns and goons and the street struggle. Its annoying as fuck.

    Find a concept and niche and incorporate “you” in it.

  14. yo i wanna battle asher roth

  15. He’s dope. That album gonna smash, the single already is.

  16. fake? how the fuck is he fake? he’s like the most honest person out right now, fuckface. he admitted he hard knock life was the joint that hooked him to hip hop. that is almost a joke to most of us but he readily admits that fact. please. quit fucking whining because he is about to bank doing what he loves spitting real shit while you are still bagging groceries and 12 credits away from getting your mediocre liberal arts degree, faggot.

  17. yoooo im really not tryna hate lol Asher got some talent.. But its uncanny how he even sounds EXACTLY like Eminem in INTERvIEWS.. like his speaking voice , tones, style.. its pretty crazy

  18. I Guess Asher Should Permanently Shove Some Autotune Down His Throat, Its Not Like He Can Fix His Voice

  19. Dude seems pretty level with what he’s saying and doing. I think he is literally out just to be himself. A lot of us get too caught up in characters. Much success to him as long as he stays humble and honest.

    Its not his fault he has such a similar voice to Em. I dont think thats forced either.

  20. asher is nice……respect

  21. the only way this album is gonna be any good, is if copywrite ghost wrote every track!! hahahah…seriously, for real though

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