September 7th – Western Hospitality 13 (Mixtape)

I wasn’t lying when I said, I’m taking it out West! Let’s end it with the return of September 7th’s Western Hospitality series! Number 13 is hosted by Jay Rock & K-Dot. And in typical Sept7th fashion… it’s laced with new music from the best coast. The tape features the likes of Jay Rock, Roccett, Bishop Lamont, Nipsey Hu$$le, K-Dot, Ya Boy, Young Rook, Dr. Dre and more!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: September 7th – Western Hospitality 13 (Mixtape)

Also…show some support and nominate Sept7th for West Coast Mixtape DJ of the Year for the 2009 Justo Mixtape Awards!


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

13 Responses to “September 7th – Western Hospitality 13 (Mixtape)”

  1. Shit is dope but this is part of the probem problwith the west there no union between gangsta rap and Bacpack aka hipster rap is it rly western hospitality if u only have one side

  2. I understand your outlook on this, Klutch. I have tried and will keep trying to compile a “perfect union” of street hop & hip hop artists. No matter what, never give up on tha 7th or the big west coast!!!

  3. ^^^ keep doin your thing september 7th these mixtapes have been sick i appreciate yourr hard work homie… WEST!

  4. good lookin’ 7th keep reppin that LEFT BEST coast

  5. westsiiiiiiiiiiiiiide….

  6. yo 7th, i’m a fan of your work…..just wondering what is the relevance of sept. 7th? does it have to do with WWII ???

  7. ^^pac.

  8. […] Read the rest here: September 7th – Western Hospitality 13 (Mixtape) […]

  9. Klutch…you nokturnal fool

  10. where the fuck is evidence? fashawn? only 1 track from nipsey? couple of tracks i already heard off this.

    September 7th said: “I have tried and will keep trying to compile a “perfect union” of street hop & hip hop artists.”

    take some notes shake. even out your posts. be fair. wheres max b?

  11. wow thx is very nice


    WADDUP 7TH!!!


  13. Yo 7th whats good Pimpn. it ya boy YoungPrince! The mixtape is popin Big hommie!!

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