Slaughterhouse – Move On Behind the Scenes (Video)

Some more behind the scenes footage of Slaughterhouse’s upcoming video for Move On. I can never get tired of this record, shit is fucking dope! Shouts to WeOwnTheNight. UPDATE: Speaking of Joell Ortiz…

DOWNLOAD: Joell Ortiz – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 10, 2009.

12 Responses to “Slaughterhouse – Move On Behind the Scenes (Video)”

  1. So Shake is there gonna be a Slaughterhouse album? Royce, Crooked I, Joe & Joell Ortiz with the right production would make a great album. I’ve ripped Joe a lot lately but I like Joe, just don’t like his antics. The new album was wack. Looking forward to Royce’s new lp, especially w/ Premo overseeing it. Crooked’s album needs to come out soon as well.

  2. I get a feeling that Slaughterhouse will probably drop another official single and vid alongside this one this summmer. I think they’re going to perform and record all summer long on top of promoting their own albums. As long as Joe don’t pick the beats (sorry Joe, ask Buss about CLAMP), the group will be good and ready to go by the fall I think.

  3. yo shake ….

    i love u

  4. I need time to breathe Shake, 2 JO DL today, thanks man

  5. this shit is my fav record of 09′!

    i have a feeling album will be DOPE and i’ve said if before, I really hope Royce is able to get Primo to slide the group a beat or two!

  6. yo thanks shake

  7. Although I love Slaughterhouse as MCs I think the beats have been sub-par. This one is the worst yet, sounds gay to me..Fight Club is somewhat nice but they need harder shit..Remember when Budden and Royce was in Bink’s studio? THOSE beats

  8. this one is by far the best slaughterhouse song but they all fuckin amazin…

    and to the poster claiming budden’s Cd sucked… althought it wasnt quite as good as expected… pray for me might be the best song in the past 5 years

  9. honestly p, those beats you’re talking about were mad good. hopefully they do use some of them

  10. yall right
    “MOVE ON’

    is the best song of 09
    i CANT stop listening to it
    songs amazing
    cant wait for the video..

    oh yea got your camera ready for the paid dues festival?

  11. I’ve listened to the Slaughterhouse remix of Move On like a hundred times in the past 2 weeks. Love it.

  12. Crooked I looks like Wario

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