50 to Release Ross’ Baby Mama Sex Video?

Speaking of Miss Info, last night she put up an interesting post regarding more Curtis x Officer Ricky fuckery. I was too tired to post so I said fuck it and let it go. Now that I think about it, no letting go is allowed. Let’s get it… apparently Curtis has a video of Ricky’s other baby mama. And as the image above suggests, it’s not like the other one haha. Hit the jump for the NSFW image I wanted to include up top, but I care about ya’ll work lives. It’s hard out there right now.

BooBooTV? Haha… sorry Ricky. The now if he was a real gangster, a real g…if you was gonna fly [Tia] up and take her shopping, you shoulda banged on tape talk you did with Flex might come back to haunt you (again). Curly is upset.


~ by Shake on March 11, 2009.

48 Responses to “50 to Release Ross’ Baby Mama Sex Video?”

  1. but i mean
    how does this hurt richard?
    its his baby moms that hoe’n out lol not him
    i dnt get it

  2. damn ricky…u lost

  3. @ just jae
    exactly. the mother of his child on video hoe’n out.

  4. lmaoo damnnnn ricky, in da jail u wuz da man homieeeee

  5. So is it out or what? Can i get it?

  6. not the same chick

  7. ha, that hoe needs a hug!

  8. and cement for her vagina…who knows whats breeding in there!

  9. Yo… I would so watch it… U know, for research and stuff…

  10. Rick Ross was a fool for talking so reckless on Hot 97 the other night.

  11. Now when Jay dissed Nas using his baby mama it was out of line. Overstepped the boundaries of beef…now it’s suddenly ok for 50 to use stuff like this against Rick? Seriously what the hell happened in Hip-Hop?

  12. Nah.. When your baby mom is a hooker it look’s horrible on you. It mean’s you can’t get a women unless you pay for one… The Big Tittie cop is going down.. I’m not even a fan of 50 like that but you got to enjoy this shit.

  13. Definitely not the same chick…

  14. it looks like 50 lost….

  15. late .

  16. thanks uhh.. i thought you moved on to other folks that are late. glad to see your loyal.

  17. ^ bet your last 40 posts all look identical.

  18. @ uhh

  19. comon you should kno ill always stay loyal to this…plus this is the only site thats basically late

  20. 50 cent is a joke. LOL

  21. This sextape shit is hilarious

    Officer ross is rapidly becoming ja rule jr. in this shit.

  22. That doesn’t look like the same chick. I don’t see a tat on her chest in the above photo, unless that was done earlier or photoshopped out.

  23. lol too many ppl gettin butthurt over this beef..shit is entertainment

  24. But if it is then DAMN.

    That is some fucked up shit.

  25. Yeah, Ross knew his bm was a hoe, but knowing and seeing is different. What if she talks shit about Ross being a shrivel-dick loser? What if she she says something like “Ricky never hit it like this” or “Your dick is sooo much bigger than Rick’s”? Thats why this could possibly end in a police officers suicide. Sounds good to me! Keep it coming Fif!

  26. i think that first it isnt fair on jay-z and nas beef that they were told that they had stepped outta bounds and for 50 sake it ok man.. and second i think that the lil mama is lookin as a hoe not rick so i think 50 bounced out if he tried to hurt him or somthin ,i think that this 1 from 50 was vain man other thangs were way hotter and cooler and from my point of view and my opinion is this all beefin and shit is not cool period , all rappers should be frend no matter what block or hood they rappin , industry in music would be more variable as in we get to see some cooler features like different rappers not the same old stuff like 50 cent ft. lloyd banks and rick ross ft terror squad or dj khaled . i think the more they try different features the hotter songz would come..

  27. What people forget is that the rap culture was built off of beef’s and battles. That’s our history. DJ’s would battle and whoever had the loudest sound system would win. The other DJ’s would be mad as hell. That shit got personal back then too. It just wasn’t publicized like it is now, for obvious reasons. I love this shit Maaannnn! If my boy Upmost come up over there at TVT, I’ma piggy back in the studio, impress the right people, and diss every suspect rapper that’s out.

  28. “all rappers should be frend no matter what block or hood they rappin”? Why? I personally cant stand the bum ass niggaz on the next block from me. But your saying that if I came up at the same time as one of them niggaz we should be friends. No disrespect, but fuck dat! I don’t give a shit about anybody I don’t know so if somebody disses me, I’m going hard to the fullest.

  29. i mean. why did she let all of this happen? this is why domestic violence happens. she knew 50 was recording. she knew he was going to do this piss rick off. she knew that her child would have to grow up hearing about his mom. i mean are people so messed up in the head that this kind of behavior is ok. those shoes and furs were enough? enough for your integrity as a woman? gtfoh…. i guess yall like it i love. its something wrong in the world.

    p.s. im gonna watch the shit if u post it tho. ha

  30. @ uhh

    i don’t know what’s a bigger joke – ross’ love life with a ho, or your obsession with bein mad all the time. uhh, you honestly make me believe the guy in this video used you as an inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdfVIoGJxF8

  31. Ross wrong, he wrong… lol

    wait till that graduation tape comes out

    this tape should drop friday if fif is smart, if not later

  32. […] Original post: 50 to Release Ross’ Baby Mama Sex Video? […]

  33. To the person that said it ain’t the same chick..sorry to break it to you…

  34. I stil don’t get how this is bad for Rick Ross!!!!
    If a nigga fuckin my baby momma I could care less especially if I’m not with her!!!

    That just shows how insecure niggas is with women if you really think you offending a nigga! Everyone knows that most niggas don’t get along w/ their baby moms so why wouldn’t she fuck any nigga especially a nigga you beefing with! That’s what baby mommas do! If anything she playing herself not me. This is so lame! When a nigga tricks on a girl that’s a lame! When a nigga trying to fuck the same bitch the last nigga fuck is a lame!

    Insecure niggas with no game! If a nigga wants to fuck something after to me especially cause I hit it b4 him then I would say the dude following me is a lamo! A herb nigga with NO GAME!

  35. I’m sure if your bm made a porn with some nigga and talked about how you ain’t shit, you got a little dick, you couldn’t make her cum and she refused to suck you up, you would be mad(to say the least). Then she turns around and sucks the guy up on camera and she has a screamin’ orgasm when he pokes, you’ll be sittin’ up like that white boy on Dave Chapelle’s “The REAL Real World”.

  36. At the end of the day if I get bitches why care what this grimy broad says. She playing her self fucking a nigga like a porn star.

    She’s basically bragging about being a hoe and lacking class!

  37. Shit, I dont look at it like she’s playin’ herself. Fuckin’ up her son’s life maybe, but she’s not playing herself. If you could sell dick you would. Whats the difference?

    It’s not about if you could get bitches. It’s about how long they fuck with you. If they leave you callin’ you a lame, then you a lame. If you hit one time and the chick tells the world that you got a pinky toe for a dick, you would be ashamed. Be real. Fuck all that “I’ll get another bitch” stuff. both of his baby mama’s are painting a picture of him being a fake lame. It gotta hurt.

  38. 50 should drop this as a bonus download available with purchase of his next release! Also, it would be real G to put the smokinggun documents in the liner notes like he put Irv & Ja’s death certificates in the Massacre liner notes …

    Don’t mess with this man!

  39. I’m still waiting for the BuddenxTahiri tape to drop

  40. um where can this tape be seen at?

  41. Homie if a girl I used to fuck with call me a lame and it’s not true how does that hurt me.

    She is a hoe if she goin to fuck another nigga and talk shit to me when I ain’t paying her no mind. Obviously I must have been something for her to talk. A hoe is a hoe no matter what the reasons are. And a nigga glad that he fucked the bitch because I fucked her is a lame. Any girl that you part ways that you don’t get along with could easily say the same thing, whether she’s my baby momma or not. Because a bitch is talking shit doesn’t make what she say about me true.

    That’s what grimy un-classy bitches do. They talk shit about their ex and fuck their ex’s enemies. That’s a HOE! And the dude intentionally chasing my old bitches is a lame. A man should be glad to fuck a girl cause he’s attracted to the girl not because the girl fucked some dude I dislike. That’s a coward with weak tendencies and NO GAME!


  43. I would agree that dude chasing my old chick’s is lame except one thing.. if that chick was/is a hoe and she the mother of your child … don’t that mean you chased after AND fucked rawdog with a chick that got hoe tendencies?

    It’s not a big thing but it takes the shine off Rick Ross being a Bawse.

  44. Agreed! You right it is somewhat bad if a man chooses a grimy chick or hoe to be ya baby momma however that’s something NO MAN can guarantee.

    Now I’ll feel sorry for her but I’m good as long as I know my kid is gravy. Other than that she’s the hoe and it is what it is, she’s not my wife or girl so I have no care for who she fucks.

  45. i thought i was gonna enjoy this beef. this is proof that G unit is on its last legs in the music business. they have nothin left. all the music wit the exception of Tia Told Me, is garbage. and anyway, i don’t know why anybody sides wit fif. he’s a Fed. have all u fif fans forgotten that? he snitched to the feds. that makes him a CGI; Confidential Government Informant aka snitch, which makes him a fed. all this talk about “officer ricky” is meaningless. he was a corrections officer. far cry from a police officer. its not like Ross could arrest anybody on the street. is anybody even listenin to the music? i mean, that is where beef is suppose to play out, right?. all this personal sh*t is out of bounds and doesn’t resolve anything. Mafia Music is better musically and lyrically, than all the tracks G Unit has done. i got a lil chuckle outta Tia Told Me, but thats all it really is is somethin to laugh at. at the end of the day, Tia is tax write-off and the sex tape is pointless. i can’t see it hurtin Ross in anyway. Ross>>>>G Unit

  46. Ultimately this shit is just plain and simple wack as hell. I can’t say that Ross’ diss tracks were hot at all, but this just proves 50’s irrelevance in the music industry these days. Where the music at? All his “beef” turns into these comedy videos on his website and the only decent diss track anyone hears always comes from Banks. I just wanna know where the music is..that’s a rap beef. Not this weak shit.

  47. @JDiLLaGeNT

    Relax ross, and take a deep breath. Oh and think before you write.
    Who started the personal s***? 50 just hopped on and was like, “oh you want it that way?” and he showed, and is still showing, that he has the power and these resources that he claims. He doesn’t backdown, no matter what ross is saying, he gets it innnn 🙂
    Oh and G-Unit beeing financially lost? Ehm you know that 50 Cent is actually part of G-Unit. And how many millions did he make last year? 150, 200? Get your stats straight before you write that ish! He is the most earning artist in the music business, again please get your facts straight before you hate.

  48. anyone who typed a paragraph here defending themselves, 50, or their favorite correctional officer lost hard. keep it moving.

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