cARTer x Jay-Z x Murs x Lil Wayne – The Carter Family Reunion (Mixtape)

Meka’s been posting behind the scenes footage of this tape over the past week. And now we have the entire mixtape up for ya’ll. Welcome to Murs, Jay-Z (and Beyonce), Lil Wayne & cARTer’s family reunion. Shouts to all parties involved (illRoots, Digital X Entertainment, Us Versus Them, Eighty81, Retna, etc).

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: The Carter Family Reunion

I’ve gotta ask.. dopeboyz/girlz, who is your favorite Carter?


~ by Shake on March 11, 2009.

49 Responses to “cARTer x Jay-Z x Murs x Lil Wayne – The Carter Family Reunion (Mixtape)”

  1. Hov.

  2. Murs, hands down

  3. hova

  4. album cover is INSANE, holy shit

    but yea, HOV all the way

  5. Jimmy

  6. cover is clean..but I thought this was a Carter tape all the way through? makes no sense imo….Does he spit with the other carters?

  7. That album graphic is on point. Bowser approves

  8. Yea props to whoever designed that shit…

  9. hmmm… if any of you artists are out here on this site, correct me if i’m not wrong, but that textual style is very similar to retna’s of 7th letter crew in los angels. lmfao (7LC!)

  10. Vince.

  11. jay z is the best to eva do it.

  12. Im feelin this shit……….check out the blog

  13. Retna MSK on the artwork

  14. Yea, Hallway from lllRoots here, and that is Retna all the way…Behind the Scenes: The Artwork coming next week. DopeRoots bitches.

  15. Jay-z is at the top of the list hands down. But, thats out of respect for him and what he as done for the game. Wayne has now took over and is runnin with the torch. I must say tho, i am feelin what carter is bringing, and im excited to hear what he has in store for us next. That is my fav carter right now, the baby of the bunch but is beasting on tracks like a grown man. Holla.

  16. 3:16 the 9th edition > any jay-z album

  17. i cant extract the file from winrar? it says there is nothing there yet clearly there is

  18. track #2…lets the streets tell and #7 the life I know…are a tie for my faves on there

  19. vince lol…….hell no……..MMMMMUUUUURRRRRRRSSSSSS

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  21. Artwork = 10x > the actual tape

  22. Hov…

  23. only DJs put out tapes with so many tracks by other artists on it. Did he actually ask these artists if he could put the songs on or just do it to complete the theme which covers up something greatly lacking…

  24. Shawn Carter Has It Hands Down

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  26. this won’t extract with winrar.

  27. Artwork = 10x > the actual tape

  28. artwork is fresh, murs is my fav carter, jay-z is close up there with him tho

  29. hova

  30. i keep getting a error notice for all the files in the folder.



  33. Good Call.. I think that design is by Retna 7th Letter… Looks that way.

  34. MURS!!! Making Underground Raw Shit!!!!

  35. wow. i clicked to download and sharebee FUCKED up my computer..go figure

  36. Using sharebee is like walking through a field of landmines, I always try to right click and open Z-Share in a new tab before the inevitable first ad appears.

    Oh, and Wayne, with Hov a very close second.

  37. dumbest nigga in America I see lol

  38. …and his name iz WEEZY BABY!!!! lol
    Wayne Smashin any & all charecters in diz Rap/Hip-Hop Story (no HOMO)

    Mr. Carter Iz IT!!! (DaWayne M. Carter)


  39. its a error on the folder

  40. this shit doesn’t work yo

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  42. im feelin that “U and I” track by cARTer.

  43. oh yeh, and it doesnt work!
    I’ve tried twice now and when I get to extracting the files, it fucks up. help plz?

  44. ^ Same with me. I tried downloading it from here & his MySpace and they both got somethin’ wrong.

  45. mad props to retna on that cover.

  46. […] DOWNLOAD: cARTer x Jay-Z x Murs x Lil Wayne – The Carter Family Reunion (Mixtape) […]

  47. […] DOWNLOAD: cARTer x Jay-Z x Murs x Lil Wayne – The Carter Family Reunion (Mixtape) […]

  48. I figured out how to get the files to extract. First download from one of the sites as normal, when you chose the destination before you download, choose the desktop. When it is done go to a new location on your pc (documents) and CREATE a NEW COMPRESSED FOLDER. Then go back to the folder that you dowloaded and drag each song over to your documets, you are basically making copies. At this point you should have two sets of the files, drag the set that you have in documents to the NEW COMPRESSED FOLDER that you have also created in Documents. The songs should be able to play BUT WAIT your not done. Once you have all the songs in the NEW COMPRESSED FOLDER, THEN you can EXTRACT them properly to your desired destination. I was playing around with this file for a couple of days and I finally made it work, enjoy!

  49. thanks!
    I’ll try it…

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