Chamllionaire – Awesome Freestyle

Chamillionaire threw up this new freestyle on his YouTube page, which is featured on his new mixtape with DJ Rapid Ric, I Am Legend: Greatest Verses, which features just that, plus some new freestyles. I was just gonna put up the video but I already knew folks would ask for audio, so I skipped the questions and went right to it. And you gotta love Chamillionaire and his movie remake images. The Watchmen, the movie wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it for the most part.

DOWNLOAD: Chamillionaire – Awesome Freestyle


~ by Shake on March 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “Chamllionaire – Awesome Freestyle”

  1. Your writing goes nowhere. Shut up.

  2. and your comments mean nothing to me. enjoy the evening.

  3. shake with the ether..

  4. I was anticipating The Watchmen since last year. But, missed it a premier. But, I’ma catch this weekend.

  5. The graphic novel was a ton better than the movie, but the movie was still decent.

  6. said it before- just not feelin Cham. i really want to cuz dudes got a nice catalogue, but it just aint happenin…

  7. Dramatine ! shut up enjoy the music shake makes available for us and dont leave futile coments , carnt people just enjoy music not fight on blog sights

  8. Chamillitary maine

  9. […] View original post here: Chamllionaire – Awesome Freestyle […]

  10. I like Chamillionaire but this is ehhh not really feeling this much. Sounds cheesy vocally and ok. However, I still like some of his music just not this.

  11. The movie was cool, long as hell though -_-

  12. t money with the ass licking.

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