Charles Hamilton – MTV Cribs

It seems that everybody on that XXL cover’s gonna catch flak from somebody no matter what, because we’re all nothing but a bunch of haters with too much time on our hands anyways (keep it real). So what’s a guy to do? Post more hate artillery!

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – MTV Cribs | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 11, 2009.

13 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – MTV Cribs”

  1. This track is pretty good… He’s usually off beat, but this is cool

  2. this is dope

  3. This Sounds Familiar

  4. this was on demevolist’s album side B

  5. dope

  6. dope track

  7. […] Read more from the original source:  Charles Hamilton – MTV Cribs […]

  8. Bout time this dropped. Great work chuck. I liked that fake mtv cribs episode. This song is nice!

  9. hate artillery/ lol; but the ttrack is definitely dope above all.

  10. nice, i fucks with it and i agree with erything said in the post, props meka

  11. when his next mixtape droppin??? soon i hope

  12. Witty review Meka!! 😉 DOPE track!!! Loved it!

  13. damn this is tough…shiiit

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