D-Block – Get My Paper f. S.I.

Ahh, before I head out for some much needed lunch, I had to participate in this NMC world premier! New single off the upcoming D-Block album, featuring all three members (and S.I. on the hook).

DOWNLOAD: D-Block – Get My Paper f. S.I


~ by Shake on March 11, 2009.

8 Responses to “D-Block – Get My Paper f. S.I.”

  1. is this really off the D-Block album?……not really feeling it.

  2. Yay no NMC tags.

  3. I was really anticpating the album when it was first mentioned but now it’s been delayed so long, I’ve lost that interest. I’ll check it out when it drops though.

  4. […] Read the rest here:  D-Block – Get My Paper f. S.I. […]

  5. Without the chain-dragger, aren’t they just The Lox??

  6. This shit is hot to me. Louch murdered it.

  7. Real dope song good to see The LOX back! There new singer they signed that’s on the hook is real good to! Can’t wait for that new compilation album & The LOX album later in the year! D-BLOCK!

  8. d-block “get that paper” was produced by crada who did tracks for termanology, stat quo, 40 cal, sheek and many more before.


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