Jamie Foxx – Blame It (Rmx) f. Teairra Mari

I’ll be honest: I didn’t listen to this song at all. Hell, I don’t even like the original version (although getting Ron Howard in your video? (2)dope). But I needed a reason to ogle ol’ girl without feeling too lecherous, so enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Foxx – Blame It (Rmx) f. Teairra Mari | Sharebee


~ by Meka on March 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Jamie Foxx – Blame It (Rmx) f. Teairra Mari”

  1. wait what?…. in the other posts about this song you said you liked it “i think you got a hit jamie” whats up with that

  2. wrong on all counts.

  3. theres 2 ppl that post on this blog @ ron howard

  4. This is one of my good club/drinkin records but DAMN! How many remixes is there gonna be? I mean if the radio (which I never listen to) don’t play it out, all these remixes will……awww well fuck it! Blame on the PATRON!!!!!

  5. Hahhaha! For what it’s worth, you can pust miss Mari’s pic any and all day for every remix for all I care! Good looks on that! FA SHO!

  6. You are t minus a week late but who gives a shit as long as that image is up! I got no complaints I actually listened to the song when she released it last week & even though it isn’t the style I’m used to hearing from her it was pretty good!

  7. ok here is what you said about the song earlier and this is what i was referring to in the first comment on this page, you said this in the blame it remix post with busta t pain and lil wayne…
    “I’ve already confessed my joy for this record. You’ve got a hit Jamie!”

    yeah. i still love the site though i just want to show that i’m right

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