Jim Jones Wants To “Bring Back New York”… (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

… my guess is that what he means by that is to introduce a new fashion sense known as “crackhead couture.”


~ by Meka on March 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “Jim Jones Wants To “Bring Back New York”… (Video)”

  1. Yeah…good luck with that.

  2. lay off the dope, james.

  3. Leave those responsibilities to Hov my man…

  4. n.y. dont need you jimmy. with killa back, jada still going, max b, joell ortiz, mickey factz, fabo, duo live, red cafe, uncle murda, old head hov, busta still crushing it nyc should be good. step your aura up you bum ass dirty nigga

  5. He’s one of the wack rappers that caused NY to leave!!

  6. NY rap hasn`t gone anywhere.Its just the fans needed something new to listen to.New York had it Cali had it the South has it right,but eventually the consumers will get tired of it and BOOM the cycle starts again.Nobody wants to keep listening to 1 million ways to sell crack and shoot people.Nor do they want to keep hearing about pimping,smoking weed,clubbing and making up new dances.

  7. […] See the rest here:  Jim Jones Wants To “Bring Back New York”… (Video) […]

  8. is 2dopeboyz tryin to say ny is ”crackhead” couture ? or u tlkn bout jenny? cuz if u tlkn bout ny fuk u meka n shake

  9. Yall ignoring the fact that Chicago has produced some of the best talent to hit the industry in the past few years. Of course with the exclusion of Yung Berg(Yungin’ make good music but he’s lost).We up next and The Movement, 1st and 15th, G.O.O.D. music, and The Molemen are bringin’ it!

  10. Chi-Town in here. You NY cats gonna be waitin’ a while to get the spotlight back, we gonna be a while!

  11. I think that Kanye has sold more records than the whole NY combined in the past 5 years. Real Talk! I’ma do the math and get back to you.

  12. “I taste a lot of penis in my line of work, Joe Rogan!”

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