Royce Da 5’9″ Talks Street Hop, Padded Room & DJ Premier (Video)

Culture VI chops it up with Royce Da 5’9″ to talk shop about his upcoming album, Street Hop, Joe Budden’s beat selection, his work with Premo, doing shows with Slaughterhouse and more! Each and every time I make a post involving one of the Slaughterhouse members I get a bit more excited for March 28th.


~ by Shake on March 11, 2009.

19 Responses to “Royce Da 5’9″ Talks Street Hop, Padded Room & DJ Premier (Video)”

  1. whats on march 28th shake?

  2. paid dues.
    special guest slaughterhouse.

  3. word thats good shit…i like that royce callin his album street hop…the actual track off the first bar exam is one of my favorites of his

  4. ill def be in the house the 28th..btw last nights good life reunion show was dope..4 hours of straight west coast acts..dope

  5. any word on when that ortiz covering the classics tape is droppin?

  6. Anyone know if them beats that was playing in the background of the interview are from Royce’s album? I ain’t recognize them from any other projects. That last one was crazy, sounds like Premo on something else… If they are from something else, would someone kindly point me in that direction…

  7. Not like I really care, but Royce stay with dat ‘tron hahaha

  8. Ummm did my eyes decieve me? Was royce shaking hands with Mr. Clean? Why do you have to wait til your 30 to go hard?

  9. i like royce’s attitude. streep hop should be INSANE

    i duno wat you mean joshua east, but if you’re clowning royce u got a serious mental deficiency

  10. ooo, he got the Wack Emcees beat.
    red spyda’s a monster.

  11. Royce stay with the drink hahaha

  12. Street Hop and Bar Exam 3 are going to be dope.

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  14. Wack MC’s can’t wait to hear that, Culture VI has the dopest interviews

  15. This is killing me. He got a joint with Bun B too!?! ZOMG. This comes out April 15th, right?

    All I need now are for all of Joell’s shit to come out and for Crooked to finally drop BOSS.

  16. Crooked I announced BOSS will be released free, one track @ a time. I don’t know a date though, don’t think he set one yet.

    Royce’s Bar Exam 2 is incredible – I keep going back to it, he rips Wayne’s beats apart on there, and I love it! Come to think of it, I don’t think I even have Bar Exam (1) …

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  19. @az I think the last beat is indeed a DJ Premier produced beat used for “Reks – Cloud 9” record. Which will be on the “More Grey Hairs Album/mixtape if I recall correctly. As for the other beats, I can’t remember hearing them before.

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