Saigon & Statik Selektah – Spit x The Rules

Well what do you know, Saigon is actually coming through on an actual album release. March 17th, suckers. SHAKE UPDATE: Yes, both have been released before. These are the CDQ versions in case ya’ll missed them. This also gives me a chance to  included the very meh official artwork after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Saigon & Statik Selektah – Spit | Sharebee
DOWNLOAD: Saigon & Statik Selektah – The Rules | Sharebee


~ by Meka on March 11, 2009.

20 Responses to “Saigon & Statik Selektah – Spit x The Rules”

  1. boo @ that cover

  2. a

  3. maybe it was all in a days work……………..

  4. thanks eh. Man, this is dope. Good to hear Sai spit on some hot beats again.
    Joey should’ve tapped Statik for some beats, he’s got FIYAH!

  5. Did they do the cover themselves? not impressed!!!

  6. The cover isn’t the greatest, but it’s a mixtape, what can you expect.
    The Rules > Spit

  7. these days…
    mixtape covers >>> album covers

  8. @Shake

    You make a good point cause
    Drake’s >>>>>>>>>>> this

  9. “The Rules”
    His first verse was hot, but that second was weak

  10. honestly wtf yall dum motherfuckers these guys only had 24 hrs to make an album they probably just quickly sketched that shit shit together thats what i wouldve done if i onlly had 24 hours to make an album fuck the album cover

  11. the whole “recorded in 24 hour” thing is wickwickwack to me.
    especially since the did it over a month ago? yea… i forgot to tell you I (shake) recorded three albums in 2 days. i know it’s been three years since i did it, but i’ll release it soon.

    10 bucks says theyve been mixing and mastering that shit ever since that video leaked.

    BUT…. i don’t really care either way. i just want good music from sai.

  12. lol @ u fruity dudes who are crying over the artwork…who gives a fuck? shit could be plain white and say SAIGON ALL IN A DAYS WORK on the front in plain black text and i would have no objections…its about the music in my opinion.

    thats real


  13. Damn how much did that guy get paid to make that?… Did he get paid to make that?..

  14. I like to think that the artwork tells you something about the music your about to dig into, but thats just me, yeah the artwork is pretty doo-doo.

  15. The Rules has been gettin constant play ever since that shit dropped…

  16. @rob22

    LMAO “they only had 24 hrs to make an album”… If they only HAD 24 hrs, this would have been available a month ago. They recorded the album in 24 hrs…. They didn’t record, do the artwork, and press the cd’s in 24hrs….. Come on man your smarter than that

  17. […] See the original post:  Saigon & Statik Selektah – Spit x The Rules […]

  18. Fuck an album cover. Just let the music be dope.

  19. the artwork is wack tho

  20. si-giddy is that dude for real
    real hip-hop shit ryte here
    fukka album cover let the beats rock

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