The-Dream – Hater (iTunes Bonus)

Since it’s apparently the item du juor to drop this guy’s shit all over the place, here’s another joint for y’all.

*needed a reason to post up Christina’s fine ass anyways*

DOWNLOAD: The-Dream – Hater (iTunes Bonus)


~ by Meka on March 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “The-Dream – Hater (iTunes Bonus)”

  1. am i the only one who thought this cd sucked super ass? i havent finished listenin to it all, but im half through and it was only one song i liked… kellys 12 play… which is a stupud song because here i am listening to an rnb cd, trying to get my mood placed right and he talks about how good the sex is when were listening to r.kellys 12 play.. you know what? good idea, let me take this shit out and play that.

  2. *needed a reason to post up Christina’s fine ass anyways*


  3. I thought the album is pretty dope! Not as good as his first album but still dope! The Dream is no Usher or NE-YO but the dude is ill! F*** what a hater may say!
    “Walkin On rhe monn”
    “Sweat It Out”
    “Kelly’s 12 play”
    ETC. bangers

    + Females digg it!

    Like katt willaims had said…….I don’t even drink whine coolers….but BITCHES do!”

  4. BTW-Y’all peep Christina rockin blond hair yesterday on 106?!
    Man that gurl could get it all day!

  5. Christina. My lawd…

  6. LMFAO!!! @ That Katt Williams quote Pancakes.

  7. I would nut in her all day!

  8. […] Go here to read the rest:  The-Dream – Hater (iTunes Bonus) […]

  9. I would nut in her all day!

  10. woops^^^ i was trying to quote the guy

    i would nut in her and then send her to the hoover! tough times out here! lmao

  11. link’s dead.

  12. great dream song

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