Wiz Khalifa – Boarding Pass

Some new cut off Flight School, scheduled to drop sooner than later.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Boarding Pass | Sharebee


~ by Meka on March 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – Boarding Pass”

  1. 412 in this bitch!

  2. I met Wiz at a few shows and dude was an arrogant ass. I respect Pittsburgh hip-hop but dude was acting like he was already a classic emcee. He’ll never blow unless his head shrinks a little.

  3. khalifa is too sick

  4. this track is boring.

  5. very relaxing… sit back and smoke an L to this one true story cocksuckers

  6. johnny juliano is ill on the beats!

  7. khalifa needa eat a pizza

  8. Ok, i know this kid (went to HS with him for 4 years). He’s a chill dude, and honestly has worked hard as hell to get where he is. Johnny Juliano, tho, is a punk little arrogant fool who takes other people’s style/beats and makes them worse. Big ups to Cameron, fuck juliano. 4-1-2 ya heard.

  9. […] Read more here:  Wiz Khalifa – Boarding Pass […]

  10. hottest young rapper out. point. blank. period. no clue why he hasn’t blown internationally? i think he’s signed to warner bros and they are just wackness

  11. this shit go haaaaaaard

  12. sum1 send me the kids contact info.lol crackdistributors@gmail.com

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