XV – Going Endless

Kansas’ golden child gets his turn for the DJ Booth freestyle session.

DOWNLOAD: XV – Going Endless | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “XV – Going Endless”

  1. this is dope. can anyone re-up xv’s mixtape, square in the circle??

  2. […] Read more here: XV – Going Endless […]

  3. DOpe ass beat. this originally for him or someone have it before?

  4. It’s original. Produced by Seven.

  5. stop sleepin! KS!

  6. Stik is right! Stop Sleepin! lol, I’m sayin dude is most talented in Kansas for Sure! Such a melodic instrumental (Sevens got a good ear) and its not tryin to be a club banger or nutin, thas why I like dude XV, and ALWAYS dope lyrics..Top Quality work every time!
    Everyone Wake up and check this!!
    Not meanin to hype it up soo much but I just don’t see why he isn’t on every radio station around the United States, for real!

  7. XV is the shit I’ve been respectin’ dude since day 1. But yo I think it’s just me but I think he’s taking shots @ yeezy in this track… anyways Can’t wait for the mixtape…

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