Ashanti – The World (NoDJ)

We’re currently on an R&B tip right now, but no worries: that rap music you all hate to love will be back in a flash. Props to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Ashanti – The World (NoDJ)


~ by Meka on March 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Ashanti – The World (NoDJ)”

  1. Forget the download!
    That picture!
    Yes Lawd…

  2. I agree wit my dude the pic is sexy, but check out my blog @

  3. I know alot of cats hate on this chick but DAYUM SON!!!

  4. damn ashanti at her best rite dere… wen u get pass her annoyin laugh and da fact dat she use to have sideburns man shes one fine chick… i wonder if she got dat good good

  5. […] Read the original here:  Ashanti – The World (NoDJ) […]

  6. Yep a lot of cats do hate but she is super sexy & that pic of her is by far some of her best! Nelly one lucky dude! As far the track I liked it & how she repped for each coast throughout the song! Speaking of Nelly though surprised she forgot to include any of the Midwest in the song when she was repping & taking about how much she loved each coast!

  7. na we were all the r&b ish like 6months ago, when every radio song was r&b….but i stay on that sexy women ish all year round. esp. ashanti

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