Bishop Lamont x Pimpin’ Curly (Video)

During his NYC promo trip, Bishop chops it up with Pimpin’ Curly, DJ Whoo Kid, Lloyd Banks and some other guy that waves his hand in his face repeatedly. Bishop also has a special message to the bloggers out there, and responds to folks talking shit about him not liking Crack a Bottle.


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

23 Responses to “Bishop Lamont x Pimpin’ Curly (Video)”

  1. “and some other guy that waves his hand in his face repeatedly”


  2. i didn’t know they smoked weed

  3. you didn’t know Banks smoked weed? shit he’s been smokin weed since he was like 12 lol.

  4. what the fuck is yayo wearing?

  5. Bishop need to quit talkin’ shit and finally come out with an album. He’s dope and all but quit bragging and drop the album already.

    P.S. His nose is a spaceship.

  6. Bishop Lamont talking makes me want to punch babies. Are all rappers douche bags?

  7. i dont know man…yayo looks like an idiot to me!

  8. Bishop is a f’n prick. WTF is his deal? He probably would have loved ‘Crack A Bottle’ if he was asked to feature on it. Put out an album already.

  9. Bishop makes dope music, and y’all know how Dre is so he just gotta wait his turn before an official album drops but The Confessional and Nigger Noize are classics in my opinion… and those are basically albums not mixtapes, all original material… keep hatin’ though

  10. I really liked The Confessional, and agree it was basically an album. I just can’t stand his attitude and the way he carries himself. He hasn’t really made much of an impact on hip hop and he acts like his shit don’t stink.

  11. He put out 4 mixtapes that were better then most albums. He’s on Aftermath, it’s not up to him to put out an album it’s up to the executives in charge. Why do you think Joell Ortiz and Stat Quo left?

    What’s wrong with being honest about a track?

  12. I know why Stat and Joell left, and Bishop will be in the same boat sooner or later. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, Aftermath will only drop albums from the 3 Headed Monster (Dre, Em, 50) for the forseeable future. Dr. Dre’s perfectionist ways + the current music industry = no Bishop album on Aftermath.

  13. AdubC, my comment was to the prior haters.

    I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve though that too but if anyone is going to get a release from Aftermath post 3 headed monster it’ll be him or Banks. I got faith.

    Though, I do agree he’s got a pretty big ego and the image he’s selling to the public has changed over the years. He went from being a “peace maker, refusal to talk shit” to “fuck with me if you want, that talks shit about others.” His voice sounded weird in this video and I don’t know why he’s dissing the bloggers. Without the webs he wouldn’t really be known.

  14. I’ve been fuxXin with Bishop since the “Who I Gotta Kill” days & fuck what everyone says, he’s still dope. West Coast. Chuch.

  15. Motherfucker’s wack!!!. Ain’t really bringing anything new to the table. Nobody’s really checking for him. Dre should of left him where he found him.

  16. Yeah Bishop probably won’t ever drop an Aftermath album – might end up like Knoc-tur’nal, dope but dropped! Bishop is kind of an ass though, he seems real stuck up – makes me want to download his album since he’s doing so well … He sure does hate the haters!

  17. lol bishop lamont

    i like a few confessional tracks but wat the fuk has he done, he aint been featured on nobody records, man drop an album b4 u talk it up or u will fall flat on your face homie

    and u buck tooth 50 cent looking homo dont act like ur untouchable.

  18. Man, the mentalities are ass backwards. I seem the same kind of hate towards Crooked-I, Papoose, and Saigon.

    They bitch about free music. More money in my pocket.

    They bitch about not being a guest on someone else’s record. What the fuck is wrong with you? Peep the artist because you want to listen to the artist not to the guest feature.

    Shut da fuck up. Quality rap is quality rap. Don’t matter if they officially drop an album or not.

  19. LOL bishop used troll

  20. too funny the first 3 headed monster gunna go diamond, the second 3 headed monster be lucky to go gold between the 3 of em

  21. I like Bishop’s music, but his attitude is straight fucking shitty. His lack of accomplishment coupled with his lack of being humble is making him look like a fucking idiot.


    Pissin and sh*ttin on fakes, man, I’m forming an Island/
    A “Fugazy” means “fake,” yea, that slang is Italian/
    A green n*gga is a fake, like Green-Onion’s a Scallion/
    These fakes are ‘Off The Chain’, like Snatchin a Medallion/
    You’re from the Dirty South where every Tourist is a buyer/
    But you’re cleaner than a f*ckin load, fresh out the dryer/
    You were born in Mississippi, then went to Carol-City High/
    So all that CARTEL sh*t’s a f*ckin Carol-City lie/
    Historically black college, you went to Albany State/
    You only started yellin Trilla, early 2008/
    I’m gonna quote Reed Dollaz, cause none of your ducks line up/
    “Are you a Gangsta or a B*tch, n*gga make ya mind up”/
    Your lies are embarrassing, so f*ck trying to figure you/
    Child support case proves that you’re a bum n*gga too/
    Truth is in ya airway, inhale and sit back and breath/
    You’re faker than the “Curly” wig, a Carol City pack of Weave; FUGAZY!/


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