Cassie – Must Be Love f. Diddy [NoTags]

So in between making Twitter messages about Tantric sex and randomly working with Jay Electronica, Diddy found the time to work with who’s probably his most bankable artist right now. NMC tagged for fun ha!

DOWNLOAD: Cassie – Must Be Love f. Diddy [NoTags]


~ by Meka on March 12, 2009.

20 Responses to “Cassie – Must Be Love f. Diddy [NoTags]”

  1. il sell my whole rick ross and tripple c’s album collection just to hav one and a half hours with cassie

  2. ^ ^ ^ you must not think too highly of cassie my good friend

  3. Besides the tags, this isn’t bad at all.

  4. Cassie…yes.

  5. AWW C’mon without tags please?

  6. i do think highly of cassie and her lips, im a cassie old skool fan, iv been riding with her since the original me and you video where it looks like shes givin knowledge lol..

  7. it says puff daddy on the mp3 name.. okkkkkk

  8. diddy twitters entirely too much (about NOTHING), and it won’t let me stop following him.

  9. Does anyone realize that this is the old “90’s Bad Boy sound” ? And I’m feelin the hell outta this

  10. Diddy went back to his strengths! this shit takes me back to when I was young and my sis had the biggie total and mary tapes!

  11. […] See original here:  Cassie – Must Be Love f. Diddy […]

  12. damn that girl is fine!

  13. Day 26 version is WAAAAAY better
    Shout to Brian Micheal Cox on the production tip

  14. Yo this song is HOT!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for more!

  15. Must Be Love is definitely a #1 Hit!

  16. Thank you! Been waiting on 2DB to get the full version.

  17. good track.
    enough with the leaks and sneak peaks.
    release cassie’s sophomore album!!

  18. Ughh. Why do they keep giving her recycled tracks???

    Day 26’s version of this song is so much better. Just like Karina’s official girl was better.

    She cannot sing!

    Besides, people don’t want to hear her sing, they want to see her naked.

    She should be working on getting a Victoria’s Secret contract!!!She’d be making millions and no one would have to listen to her god awful singing.

    Win-win situation =D.

  19. I’m so happy someone relaized this was a recycled song – it was supposed to be on Day 26’s album. Poor Cassie, beautiful girl, but she can’t sing to save her life.

  20. this joint right here, cassie has madd talent!!!!

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