CurT@!n$ – HHO Interview pt.1 (Video)

CurT@!n$ sits down with HHO to talk about his humble beginnings and what makes him the atypical rapper. We also get word on where his name comes from.


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

6 Responses to “CurT@!n$ – HHO Interview pt.1 (Video)”

  1. wish it was the WHOLE THING [lol] dope interview [i liked] it can’t wait for part 2[..] i wonder when [BLACK] Folks [vid] finally drops[..]

  2. this dude right here def need more love for what he does… the motherfucker is soo DOPE

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  4. yeah, this dude is seriously on a whole ‘nother level. his last mixtape goes so hard.

  5. He sounds Like the “average” mixtape rapper..he jus doesnt look like them….Over stressed punch line rap.

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