Jay Electronica x Diddy???

I… um… wow. No words, really.


~ by Meka on March 12, 2009.

22 Responses to “Jay Electronica x Diddy???”

  1. So what was the point again?

  2. respect the shit outta him for what hes done for hiphop and for his many business ventures, but diddy is a straight homo. real talk.

  3. hes smart for workin with Jay

  4. jays gettin in that networking hustle, you cant knock him for that

  5. wow puff wit jay E…

  6. What… the fuck. I mean, it’s good to see Flowers workin’ on this level.

  7. p.twitty family….


  8. i’m actually intrigued to see what exactly happens, but i’d be lying if i said i expected that collabo.

  9. Ghostwriting?

  10. I could imagine jay E on those old school beats puffy had for american gangster

  11. 50% of me is saying that’s a good look for Jay, other 50 is saying….what the fuck is going on?

  12. @ vP

    yeah I was kinda thinking about that possibility too.

  13. notice how not even 5 minutes passed and diddy was already tryna take full credit for some shit he didn’t do alone lol

  14. jays the truth…this better mean something decent for hip-hop, diddy better not fuck anything up.

  15. maybe jay writing his new album.”hopefully the whole thing”

  16. Diddy & Electronica been cool for nearly 6 years. Diddy was gonna sign him back in ’04 but Jay turned it down. Good for them

  17. 48 hours? srsly? not much of a fast..

  18. this nicca jay gonna go commerical the second he get the chance and forget where he came from, tha underground. p.diddy is the worst 2. damn jay

  19. of course he’s ghostwriting – Diddy spares no expense! Too bad he can’t flow for Diddy though!

  20. i may be wrong, but i just thought that diddy was fasting ’cause jay was talking about it so much on twitter, then diddy decided to do it…and the fasting brought them together. lol. i have faith in jay that hes not gonna “sell out”…i cant see the same dude who made “eternal sunshine (the pledge)” to be going mainstream with diddy.

  21. smh@these comments.

  22. jay never claimed to be underground. Jay ELectronica far surpasses that world to me. i dont think you can put this cat in a box. His fans are MUSIC fans. not only underground hiphop fans. YALL are the ones that are underground.

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