Just Blaze – The Backstage Pass Interview (Video)

Justin calls in to wax poetics about the video for Maino’s “All The Above,” Saigon & Amalgam Digital, writing records and more. “Exhibit A (Transformations)” > “All The Above.”


~ by Meka on March 12, 2009.

9 Responses to “Just Blaze – The Backstage Pass Interview (Video)”

  1. Exhibit A (Transformations) aren’t even comparable. Obviously Exhibit A is the better of the two.

  2. ^
    I meant Exhibit A (Transformations)and All The Above aren’t even comparable

  3. I dont feel all the above at alllllllll
    shit just sounds like just kinda giving in to the south

  4. Is it me or is Maino the New York version of Plies? Their delivery are very similar sometimes.

    Definitely not a good thing.


  6. The fact that Exhibit A and All The Above are not comparable shows the versatility of Just Blaze. The interview was informative for sure. Good post. Peace

  7. they are pretty comparable
    they both use just blaze traditional drums and his new synthy leads
    he used to be versatile. back when one day hed do a record like u dont know for jay z and the next “my first love” for carl thomas
    now he kinda boxed himself in, or at least until he actually DOES switch it up again

  8. Maino is way better then Plies.

  9. […] Read the rest here: Just Blaze – The Backstage Pass Interview (Video) […]

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