Kanye West Performs Heartless on American Idol (Video)

Simon: No, that’s a no.
*bites pen cap
Simon: It’s probably the worst singing I’ve ever heard. What is that robot thingy? No..
Kanye: Simon Cowell doesn’t care about black people.
Simon: I don’t care about Kanye West.
Randy: That’s rough dawg.


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

13 Responses to “Kanye West Performs Heartless on American Idol (Video)”

  1. You got jokes Shake


  2. wow. Don’t know how to feel about this. Why this show?

  3. hahahah
    “thats rough dawg.”


  4. glad he cut his hair

  5. Amazing how long this farce has gone on. What a world.

  6. the irony

  7. First thing I thought when walked on stage was “Wow I really like what he’s wearing”
    And by “thought” I mean “said outloud”
    Yes I liked it, the whole jean look– its rare it could be pulled off..
    Speaking of pull..
    Pull up your fucking pants. Youre no calvin klein model, so I would like not to see your underoos.

    Side and related note: My esteemed fug girls, fugged this ensemble, again I state- I liked it. Go 80s go!

  8. ^^^
    You confused the hell out of me haha

    anyways…yeah how ironic

  9. wow, which idiot @ fox thought kanye could perform on a real “singing” show?

  10. a canadian suit?? and the pants wouldve def ripped if he wouldve pulled it up any higher…

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  12. He cut his hair!!! THANK GOD! If only he had it already cut on VH1 storytellers so that it wouldn’t go on history… :p

  13. That’s pretty awful live – I am a fan of the album.

    Fox turning American Idol into MTV? What’s with the live performances?

    Talk about bringing back the 80’s – I’m personally not feeling the jean jacket look, makes Kanye look like trailer trash.

    Has Kanye been around 9 years? I thought he came out like right after 50 cent, which was 03 … so that would be like 6 years, right? I guess if you count the first produced jay tracks then it would be 9 but that’s a stretch since most didn’t know who he was @ that point on a mainstream level.

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