Killer Mike – Hoes f. C-Bone & Slimm Calhoun

The crazy thing about this is I was just listening to Slimm’s The Skinny on the Zune (which I’ll be auctioning off on 2dbz soon) last night. Now I’ve got a new joint featuring Cutta. From what I hear, this is the first single off Mike’s upcoming Underground Atlanta compilation. Now if you’ll excuse me… I’ve gotta throw on East Point’s Greatest Hits.

DOWNLOAD: Killer Mike – Hoes f. C-Bone & Slimm Calhoun


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

8 Responses to “Killer Mike – Hoes f. C-Bone & Slimm Calhoun”

  1. Slimm Calhoun – It’s OK Featuring Andre 3000>>>>>>>

  2. So split that peel and bump that joint, Forever hollerin East Point
    e.p.g.h. was my shiiit

  3. Haha, yeah old school Dungeon Family. I’ve seen the guest list for this compilation. It’s hit & miss. A lot of wack emcees on it but there are also a lot of dope ones so I’m hoping it will turn out good.

  4. Dungeon Family all day!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah I loved the Skinny. What I really want is a Big Rube album. Dungeon Family beats, Big Rube waxing lyrical. Perfect for summer.

  6. This shit real dope Killer Mike is mad underrated & should be more so towards the top of everybody’s list of greatest rappers alive!

  7. […] View original here:  Killer Mike – Hoes f. C-Bone & Slimm Calhoun […]

  8. If i die, fresh play, and i will be ressurrected
    Eyes red as fire, flash the grill for the non-believers
    And we gon’ let the child lead us, let the child lead us

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