Murphy Lee – Fuck U x Gwop Getters x On The Corner

Yesterday I premiered a brand new St. Lunatics record. I saw a few c-boys saying they’re fans of Murph Dert, so why not continue the exclusive game and drop three tracks from him?

DOWNLOAD: Murphy Lee – On the Corner | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Murphy Lee – Gwop Getters | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Murphy Lee – Fuck U f. Future | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

12 Responses to “Murphy Lee – Fuck U x Gwop Getters x On The Corner”

  1. nelly got a “i can’t believe it’s not butter” grimace on his face.

  2. Let’s see if Murph can make his way back to next up status.

  3. ROFL @ mek dot

  4. ok..not bad

  5. fuxwitable

  6. […] See the original post: Murphy Lee – Fuck U x Gwop Getters x On The Corner […]

  7. Nice I like all these & hopefully Merph gets more of the respect he deserves this go around! I like how they released 3 tracks to show his versatility that he has to! As mentioned by many he was always may favorite member of the group besides Nelly!

  8. meant *my* not may lol


  10. yeah that’s cool, you can do your thing and we won’t fuck wit ya, but when you record at PHAT BUDDA STUDIOS in STL, know that you’re working with a DEA ‘SOI’/nARC that owns/runs that studio. 2nd time lettin you know. Other than that Merph can do his thing, just had to let it be known. Strait from the STL. peace.

  11. ncie

  12. Damn all 3 of these are good, I miss the days of the St Lunatics being relevant…(outside of STL of course)

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