QuESt – You Don’t Even Know

You do realize we won’t stop banging ya’ll in the head with new music until each and everyone one of youse realizes how dope QuESt really is, right? Broken Headphones, June 28th!

DOWNLOAD: QuEST – You Don’t Even Know
PREVIOUS: Nero vs QuESt – Sky Might Fall (rmx)


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

15 Responses to “QuESt – You Don’t Even Know”

  1. QuESt is pretty awesome!

  2. Another mixtape coming? WOOOOOOOO

  3. Dudes nice, definetly coppin’ the Broken Headphones joint.

  4. Dude is on his super grind

  5. Thanks Shake!

  6. Another dope track

  7. Damn this sounds a litle cold

    Dope shit none the less. Broken Headphones cant wait

  8. Damn im looking forward to broken headphones, everything ive heard from dude has been nothing less then epic

  9. Dopeness!!! that’s all

  10. i like the versatility he’s showin

  11. wasnt feelin this one…vibe is boring imo

  12. […] Continued here:  QuESt – You Don’t Even Know […]

  13. This is one talented guy. Distant Travels is the joint

  14. i been bumping him since you guys first put him up hes dope this is my joint love how he fliped kanyes joint so much soul

  15. yo this is so good! sky might fall one was better than cudi’s too! im a new fan of his!

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