Rick Ross – All I Really Want f. The-Dream

…is a breast reduction. Another Deeper Than Rap record, courtesy of Lowkey.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – All I Really Want f. The-Dream


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

32 Responses to “Rick Ross – All I Really Want f. The-Dream”

  1. hahaha, well put

  2. Fuck all the wack beef shit, I think were seeing a classic album in the making…

  3. haha Shake is always on Rick Ross’ case, my side hurts from laughing so hard!

  4. yeah….illdc.88, this is definitely a classic in the making….the fuck did i just listen to??

  5. Well, phillybirds536, the joints on Deeper Than Rap are at least better than 50’s bullshit music he’s released lately, right?

  6. yeah philly what the fuck is this.

  7. now ross is pissing me off.. hype tracks but the dumbass just had to go at 50’s neck… now he messed his own sales up just great

  8. I liked Ross’ other songs but this is straight boo boo….and true that, I like 50 more, but Ross’ music has been better.

  9. Are there going to be any songs we haven’t heard when the album is released?

  10. watch 50 leak ross album for free guarunteed he gonna do that shit haha

  11. man, illdc i don’t know what album you’re talkin about. do you know the meaning of a classic album? a classic album is an album i can listen to without pressing the skip button. an album i can put in 3 years after it is released and i can listen to it again without pressing the skip button. rick ross’ albums never is or was a classic album. nvm, i’m sorry you probably did the soulja boy dance, that’s why you considered most of these rappers having classic album.

  12. this nigga using dream for radio spins, now his album got pushed back to April, dream was just on thisis50 talkin about this nigga. i bet this single wont blow up aswell

  13. […] The rest is here:  Rick Ross – All I Really Want f. The-Dream […]

  14. @ illdc88 – making music better than 50’s recent tracks is not all that constitutes a classic record.

    Ross should just leak the whole album – DJ is not putting it out, ever.

  15. i liked all the other deeper then rap joints i aint really feelin this one…
    and wat the hell is officer ricky doin talkin bout sex?!?

  16. beautiful song deeper than rap 21 . april

  17. All those clowns talkin about that Deeper Than Rap aint coming out ’cause it was pushed back…Almost every major album thats being released had at least ONE date pushed back
    Look at 50,Eminem,Dre,Busta,Jadakiss,Keri Hilson,Usher,Ryan Leslie,Wayne…I could go on
    Now that there V.P,Khalil, is in the building,Def Jamis 100 w/ it
    Shakes GAY ASS OBSESSION with Ross’ body has nothin to do with his music
    How do you like your men to look Shake?
    U like them in button downs? T-shirts? Wet on a sandy beach?Or bangin your metro ass sayin “u da best”… ?
    Nigga, stop with the hate and speak on music

  18. haha, well we already know how you like your men INVISIBLES^, black with a beard, big titties, and with no shirt. Its cool to say you like someone’s music but you’re slobbering all over this dude’s balls. You must be *wincest homey. This dude isn’t the beginning or the end of the world, so stop sucking his dick so hard.


  20. lol @ the blurring.

  21. All i can say is your posting alot of music from Rick Ross and nuthun but skits from 50 so erbody thats hopping on 50 dick what is your backing all this other shit he doing is str8 bitch nothing to do with the subject at hand Rap music c’mon people where ur intelligence at this shit 50 doin aint Hip Hop….. now if he was putting out hot songs along with this shit it would be kool but the reality is he aint and he wont so lets all sit back and analyze this Ross has been putting out excellent music so hands down he winning if you judging from a HIP HOP perspective if you dont understand that then do your history on the great battles of HIp Hop and then come back to this situation to use whut u learned and then make a judgement

  22. First off,before this album,I was really checkin on Ross
    I dont really back that down south shit bein Brooklyn all day and all
    I’m 6’2″, 225lbs
    Any nigga wanna come see how I get down,hit my page up
    I’m a producer so all that skit shit 50 is doin dont really phase me
    I wanna hear song hot lyrics and bangin beats
    When I wanna laugh I’ll look at “30 Rock” or “Family Guy”
    50 is funny to nigga who think slippin on a banana is classic

  23. @ one66soul
    yo stfu how 50 gonna put out songs if his album anit comin out untill another 6-7 months?, ross is coming out in April so of course your gonna get lots of music comin from him, ross dissed 50 like 6 times on record 50 made 2 diss tracks and 1 g-unit track, all of ross diss tracks were mediocre shit not worth responding too and everybody knows it. ross picked the wrong person to fight with, ross doesn’t have enough support to take on 50’s fanbase so he know he lost. uneducated niggas talkin bout ross album gonna be a classic? wtf? there hasn’t been a classic mainstream album in about 3 years

  24. Recent Classic Albums:

    T.I- Paper Trail
    Scarface- Emertus
    Kanye West-Graduation
    Common-Finding Forever

    Just a few…
    And to say Ross started this,without looking at all the bullshit he said on MTV and other outlets about Ross,is like accussing Wayne or T.I for saying shit about 50 if they should choose too.
    50 is just some skit makin clown with money and time on his hands
    Make a track already
    Everything u have leaked was corny

  25. This is Trash…

  26. Man got some tig ol’ biddies!

  27. @ G-Roc damn dem shits 50 dem made was trash so thrash they didnt even ring a bell bottom line like i said where da music fuck release dates dude drop sum music for the people to really judge u on this is HIP HOP unless he 4got fuck outta here with all dat keep the music coming beeeeeesh

  28. I’m 6′2″, 225lbs
    Any nigga wanna come see how I get down,hit my page up
    ^^ PAUSE……..

  29. illdc…50’s released two tracks from before i self destruct: i get it in (which i actually really liked) and crack a bottle (not the greatest song but it did break records). having said that, what can you say about ross’s tracks that’s he’s released? 50 may have put out some weak songs relating to the beef, but the stuff on his album has been above par. both try to make extremely main-stream music…ross just fails at doing it

  30. 50 put out 3 (three) records from BISD butof course u might have forgot

    Get Up (wack ass song accompanied by wacker video)
    Get It In (a formulaic re-hashing of his Dre collabos)
    Crack A Bottle (actually an Eminem single that 50 hi-jacked for his album… sad…lol)

    And Ross
    MAGNIFICENT ft.John Legend (1st single-straight butter rider music.Rolling Stone,Vibe,XXL and other mags have called it “classic”)

    CIGAR MUSIC (that right there is fire.not even a single but still rides like a jump off)

    MAFIA MUSIC (the one that started this beef.everyone agrees…thats a hot record)

    50 records cant compare to those three joints

  31. The Invisibles, all the albums you mentioned are what I would call Modern Classics. What dudes don’t understand these days is that hip-hop has changed. Of course were never going to see another “Ready To Die” or “Illmatic”. People need to stop thinking that a classic album has to necessarily have DJ Premier, Pete Rock, etc. beats and AMAZING Lyrics. Were in 2009, dudes gotta realize were not in the old school anymore. In my opinion, I think we’ve had many classic albums these years. BE by Common, Fishscale by Ghostface Killah, etc. It’s just that people are more intruiged by all the actual bad music from wack artists that they don’t even know how classic the shit being put out by good hip-hop artists is. So far, Ross’s album is sounding classic, not saying it’ll be classic cause’ we don’t know yet, but it’s sounding like it will be. At least it’s better than 50’s shit he’s released. And who the fuck cares about his physical image, it’s all about the music and it’s gotta stay like that.

  32. I’m 6′2″, 225lbs

    LOL. Come to Philly you big slow moving ass producer I never even heard of. Whats really good, you’ll just be another statistic in Philly added to the murder rate we got. You think people are scared cause you big? Have you seen Suge Knight!? Funny ass dude, keep trying to become a famous producer.

    Oh stop by my page, I’m 5’8 130lbs, hahaha. Loser.

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