Slim Thug – Smile

Let’s keep it 100: I dug Almost Platinum. It was like a countrified Lord Willin’. Props to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Slim Thug – Smile | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 12, 2009.

16 Responses to “Slim Thug – Smile”

  1. Pretty sure you mean “Already” Platinum, but regardless, that was a great album. I loved the bootlegs and the finished product.

  2. u mean Already Platinum???

  3. Already Platinum is the reason I even checked for Slim Thugga in the first place. Dude is nice with his. His new shit is fire.

  4. already platinum was dope bumped everyday on the way to work at McDonalds

  5. Who produced this?

  6. i got the dj drama and slim thug.. thats it.

  7. shake was tryin to crack a joke.. the album never got platinum thats why its funny..

  8. Already Platinum Was A Solid Album, That Was When He Was Affiliated With Star Trak Though

  9. it was meka..and yeah he was making a joke cuz the album didnt do big numbers lol.

  10. This joint is fire.

  11. unintentionally funny album title

  12. lets keep it 200 SLIM THUG is the biggest boss uve seen thus far not that other man…

  13. Yep shit is pretty straight! I want to know who did the beat though cause this shit banging for show in the speakers?!

  14. good work thanks for the download links

  15. yo, why can’t we get some more slim thugga / neptunes? i think that’s his best shit, when he got on the futuristic beats.

  16. because the Neptunes are finished when it comes to making good music. They haven’t made any real hot music going on about 3 years now.

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