Tona – Major f. Tenisha (Video)

Official video for the first single off Tona‘s Direct Deposit LP, dropping June 2nd.


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

11 Responses to “Tona – Major f. Tenisha (Video)”

  1. Damn, I’m feelin’ this track. Canada stand up!

  2. sick track


    most original/fresh video ive seen in a minute

  3. Not bad. Dialtone >

  4. I hate bad acting…any type of video

  5. sick!!!!!

  6. dail tone suffered from a terrible video. that song was way too much of a gimmick too, what’d they expect? a verizon sponsorship? finally, i hear something thats actually a song. fucking dial tone is mad annoying later. GOOD JOB DAETONA ON THE REAL SHIT THIS TIME.

  7. them niggas Lyve & Tona be bringing back that hip hop that made me love hiphop! everybody should just keep there egos aside and take in that real shit. the game has changed terribly. you all are so concerned bout whos fresh and fly all the time. this is the FORMULA. DOPE BEATS. ILL RHYMES. DONE. stop watching other mens skinny jeans and grow up. bishop lamont said it best.

  8. FIRE!

  9. tona is killin. dial tone is that shit too. GIMMICK my ass. stupidest shit ive ever heard. kill em tone.

  10. props to cosmic slap. well spoken

  11. feeling it

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