Tunji x Cook Classics (Video)

I’ve been trying to tell ya’ll… my man Tunji is no fucking joke when it comes to the rhymes. Very dope with the Sha Stimuli shout… maybe I can get them on a track together (if it’s not already in motion). Clear picture too, I need a new camera haha. Also… if you’re in the LA area this weekend, be sure to hit up the New Classics Mixtape Release Party. Flyer after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: The New Classics Mixtape


~ by Shake on March 12, 2009.

13 Responses to “Tunji x Cook Classics (Video)”

  1. cant really think of anyone off the top of my head that rhymes better of the top of their heads than TUNJI……..westsiiiiide.

  2. dope.. that camera is insanely dope.. The HD version is amazing

  3. tunji is the truth, dude needs more recognition

  4. Shout to the homies Cook and Tunji! Who are both on my project droppin on tuesday and insanely dope. HOLLER.

  5. Shake can you add the Mixtape download to this? I sorta lost most of my data.. but this mixtape is def. worth getting again.

  6. Dope camera and dope freestyle. what part of africa he from?

  7. http://2dopeboyz.com/2009/02/25/vimby-uponthingz-present-the-new-classics-mixtape-2/

  8. shit’s dope

  9. […] See the original post here: Tunji x Cook Classics (Video) […]

  10. Damn, no wonder this guy has Kweli co-sign

  11. This dudes like a mixture of Nas and Hov.

  12. Tunji’s a beast man. Shouts to Cook, Mario and the whole Vimby crew for puttin together a new classic!!!!

  13. this kid is dope!!!!!

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