Asher Roth – 20 Minute Freestyle (Video)

Westwood just put up some video footage of Asher doing his thing (off the top) over countless itstrumentals. Tired of seeing Ash all over? Well get used to it, cause the 4/20 Campaign is just around the corner haha… Part 2 after the jump…


~ by Shake on March 13, 2009.

46 Responses to “Asher Roth – 20 Minute Freestyle (Video)”

  1. seriously Shake, you rag on Rick Ross and stuff all the time but he is 20x better than this assface. this is the worst gimmick i have ever seen.

  2. have you heard the album?
    diiiiiidnt think so.

  3. might be the one and only artist you promote that i’m not feelin’ at all…….who cant spit a simple free like that?

  4. Whites love Whites.

  5. and for the record i trash on rawss’ looks and personal life. not his music (which i enjoy).

  6. Personally I think Rick Ross is shit in every department. Listen to all of Asher’s stuff, not just freestyles and I Love College. Do that, come back and say hes wack and Im fine with it.

  7. have you heard the album?
    diiiiiidnt think so.


    horse shit like this wont make me listen either! im really open minded and give everyone a try, but between all these freestyles and the college song im done.

  8. its sad that someone can be judged by their freestyle ability. if that were the case… people wouldnt listen to nas, etc.

    face it… freestyling does NOT make you an artist.

  9. Everyone Hates Asher Just Because He Has More Notoriety Than Their Favorite New Artist.

  10. damn shake, what you have heard from this album must really be dope. because you are standing by it. i can’t wait to hear it.

    too bad it doesnt have cudi ft on it, or tommy would be all over it. dang

  11. yo keep doin ur thing shake!!!

  12. white rappers who rap like they don’t give a fuck, ftw.

  13. whats with tim stopping the beat?

  14. he was limited to 30 seconds on each beat. legalities are a bitch.

  15. WOW how can you all hate on this kid……He and the new generation of MCs (yes MCs not rappers no gimmicks pure lyrics from the heart) that are coming are bringing life back to HIP HOP……I hate to bring up Eminem, but when he came out with My Name Is and tons of freestyles everyone was eating that shit up and now look at his status. White, black, green no matter the color all you ate it up. Im 32 (from Chicago) and love the fresh air Ash is coming with. I think you all have been locked up somewhere with 50, Ross, Weezy Etc. Come out for some air and get off the bullshit. A Majority of us in the real world are getting sick of this bullshit glamorous(Pop Champagne)lyrics and we need cats who spit real life stories especially in the times we livin in now. Give us something we can relate to like I Love college (Cats who at least went to school can relate) songs about relationships, emotions, funny shit we all say when hanging out with our boys, etc. Many of you should understand where I’m coming from and the ones who don’t I feel for y’all cause you are clueless.

  16. agreed with tommy…I got love for “new generation” MC’s if they got skills like Lupe, Blu, Pac DIv…but this dude? nah , this the only time Im gonna speak on it cuz im not a hater… but I aint gonna stand around and pretend this shits dope.

  17. WHHHAAAT NaS aint that bad

    eye for an eye freestyle 5*
    93 stretch and bobbito freestyle 5*

    all better then what this punk can do.. 1

    oh yh outta the new generation i like Blu, now hes dope, papoose, spectac, saigon, jay electronica i mean have u heard exzibit a… wow

    but this, it just sucks.. this fool can go back to his bis**ual threesomes in college cos i cant releate to nothing he says

  18. eye for eye freestyle you think was off the top?

  19. they hate on asher more than they hate on soulja boy its rediculous…a majority of good “freestyles” are not off the dome, at least respect the dude for actually goin off the dome even if its not that great. All of these songs people download that say freestyle at the end are hardly ever true freestyles…so many of todays popular hip hop artists would get destroyed at freestyling by a bunch of unknown battle rappers from NYC

  20. put him in a battle with immortal technique, if he doesnt get booed off stage with his wack “college knowledge, i saw this girl umm walking, she said hello, im that kid u got to know” rhymes then il give his so called great album a chance…

  21. smh at this whole thing. nas and em’s name should never even be uttered in the same sentence as this fratboy. ..

  22. agreed with biggs. We all need something fresh for hip hop.. dudes like blu, corey, wale, even charles on that stay on my level joint. Those dudes take this seriously and are hip hop talent at its finest in 2009. But asher roth is not in that class, he has made it there because the majority of the mainstream are like him; white, rich, non-musical suburban kids who go to college. Shake ur the man and doing ur thing, but cmon this dude is nothing in the books of hip hop music. please stop giving him a cosign.

  23. GIMMICK!

  24. “put him in a battle with immortal technique” No One Ever Said He Was A Battle Rapper, He Is Just Freestyling For Fun.

  25. dude sounds like the average kid in america attempting to mc. not a hyped-up, dope lyricist with a record deal that is going to change hip hop. wack

  26. “put him in a battle with immortal technique” No One Ever Said He Was A Battle Rapper, He Is Just Freestyling For Fun.

    wel obviously, but my point was his rhymes SUCK, i really dont see the big deal about him, im white but im not giving him a pass. hes shit, plain and simple. Blu, Jay electronica etc they deserve the props

  27. Haters are the reason why hip hop is dead

  28. Everyone of the cats you guys mention (Blu, Jay E. Immortal, etc)definately deserve props are are dope with out a doubt…My point is why so much HATE against Ash. You have to be man enough to give some credit when its due….Hopefully when you guys finally here his album things might change. Now if his album ends up being Garbage I’ll man up, so be it. Im no stan of any Artist but give him a chance before you all just SHIT on him like that. Have any of you actually listened to the The Greenhouse Effect mixtape come on he came with substance on that shit.

  29. “Haters are the reason why hip hop is dead”

    man jus cos some ppl dont jump on a rappers d*** cos bloggers are dont mean hip hop is dead. Hip Hop Is Not Dead cos the four elements are still alive, its not shown on tv etc.. that dont mean the artform is dead, sure its not as good as 88-96 but u still got great arists. Its not hate, its that I dont like him. I dont like lil wayne, that means im hatin… whats wrong with ppl today

    And if I was to quote what he says in his songs maybe then you can actually see what he says, cos right now all u see is the hype and that hes white (which means hes the next eminem, comeon?)

  30. is just something different, you know. It def aint the deepest lyrically, but its fun and its irritating that people are constantly HATING ash for his simplicity. Im not saying to ride is dick, but i just dont see why people can’t appreciate hip hop for what it is.

    Race isn’t a factor, and no need for you to quote another mans lyrics, i have ears.

  31. i love how yall hate on asher
    hes 10x the rapper rick ross will ever be and hes white!
    shake good pick

  32. And im pretty sure each one of your comments was a clear representation of hate, ha

  33. […] here: Asher Roth – 20 Minute Freestyle (Video) Tags: 2009, artwork, asher-roth, capone-n-noreaga, carter, chris-brown, cnn, contest, curtis, […]

  34. i think people are confused on how you get a record deal. he didnt get a record deal because he is one of the best lyricists ever. he got a record deal because he had the guts to put go and follow his dreams when he knew he creativity.

    just as eminem knew he had creativity. kanye new he had art. jay knew he had something to say. they took that chance.

    asher took a risk, that most are scared to do, which is why we know him. he just happens to be able to write down a story and give it to us. freestyling it? maybe not so much. but if that wrriten story is as good as shake is making it sound…. im ready to cop it

  35. you haters are lame. ash’s freestyles can’t compare to say an old mos def freestyle but ash is really just a fan of the culture who has been blessed with an opportunity to do something on a bigger stage. i’ve talked to him a few times and he has a lot of love for his fans and really he’s a down to earth normal white dude who blazes & loves hip-hop. His freestyles aren’t awe inspiring but he isn’t afraid to go off the top & fuck up which says alot and he deserves your respect. The album is gonna be crazy though, then you’ll see…

  36. a lot of people are judging him off of his freestyles & because they didn’t vibe with I Love College and thats wrong. His album is gonna touch on a lot of subjects, it’s gonna get good reviews and then you’ll hop on the bandwagon.

  37. Lol… Man its hilarious how ppl try real hard to convince everyone that their opinion is a fact…

    U gotta love the internet…

  38. i think you are all strange…he killed this shit. 90 percent of the rappers out there couldnt do what i just watched in that video. Yall are lames. Asher is nice

  39. Yeah, word to kiron, i honestly think everyone’s confused about what a freestyle is. Just because your fave rapper wrote a song for a mixtape and it didn’t have a hook and it wasn’t about shit, does not make it a freestyle. We need to have a showing of that ‘Freestyle’ documentary for the class… so they can talk shit about all the legends too.

  40. dudes need some pussy this shit ain’t that big to be arguing about

    if you like it you like it if not then move the fuck on

    goddamn lol

  41. its sad that someone can be judged by their freestyle ability. if that were the case… people wouldnt listen to nas, etc.

    face it… freestyling does NOT make you an artist.
    Shake is real….I fucks wit it…

  42. How can a nigga who can rhyme amazingly off the top of his head for a half hour be a gimmick?

    Freestyling doesn’t make you an artist but it shows that your talented with rhyming – period.

    Rick Ross is not a rapper.

  43. Thanks for posting this up. Its been about 10 years since i’ve heard an artist actually freestyle, get props and recognition for his skillset and wordplay.

    Anyone Remember Eminems first appearances on the Wake Up Show?

    When New artist gain recognition its because their record label PAYS for the magazine features/radio appearances/ “beefs”/ “thugged out imagery” and such.

    Its hardly ever when a dude could just flat out rhyme.

    The days of people appreciating skill is long gone as you can see by the Lil Wayne/50 Cent generation.

  44. lmao, westwood.

  45. “…He and the new generation of MCs (yes MCs not rappers no gimmicks pure lyrics from the heart) that are coming are bringing life back to HIP HOP” – some guy on 2db

    “i love beerpong, allen iverson, hakeem olijuwan” – asher roth “the mc”

  46. i was grown up to respect people for soemthing they caqn do better than me or something to they try hard to succeed at. get off your computers and stop hating on him casue he is 1) not as poor as you and 2) has fans. rick ross doesn’t compare to asher roth. comparing rappers like em and nas isn’t fair to ash. hsting on shake and being racist is just ignorant.

    i wish you had to go through an interview to be able to post comments cause half you kids are retarded

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