Asher Roth – Know the Ledge Freestyle

First off, I’ve gotta reiterate my liking for Asher’s album. Now I’ll be fair, and say I only listened to about half; but from what I heard? Fantastic work. It’s gonna be fun to hear what the hating side of folks that constantly talk about Ash have to say after they hear it themselves. Face it… they’ll probably still hate because people are so scared to go back on something. Dah well… until then, here is a freestyle the kid did on Funk Flex over some classic Rakim. Shouts to eskay on the premier! Asleep in the Bread Aisle drops MONDAY, April 20th (4/20).

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Know the Ledge Freestyle


~ by Shake on March 13, 2009.

21 Responses to “Asher Roth – Know the Ledge Freestyle”

  1. First.

    asher is nice. relate. don’t hate, clowns!

  2. The only people that hate on Asher are the same ones who hated on Eminem when he came out, for reasons other than his skill. Then there are the bitter underground heads that have fetishes about guys like Apathy, Cage, Copywrite, and all that Def Jux shit, and hate to see when a different white rapper with equal or better skills can make it where their asses couldn’t in their wildest dreams… the mainstream.

    Asher Roth is NICE. If you say otherwise you’re not listening, point blank.

  3. This is dope man.
    I gotta check Ashers album out.

  4. In the I F*cking Hate Rappers video post with PackFM..he(Asher) and Lupe are quoted as saying basically “We’re not rappers.”..As if they don’t embrace the culture…or they on some”I’m too cool for this”type of shit. I’d like to know y’all stance on these rappers that say they aren’t really rappers.

  5. I like asher..he brings something fresh to the game and he’s geniune about that…THATS why you shouldn’y hate on him..yes he is a full “hit n miss” artist…however, overall…i think he’s released more hit than misses…plus his real attitude…gotta give asher some respect for that…

  6. BTW…..Apathy>>>>>>>>Asher …by as wide of a margin that you could imagine to the 9th power.

  7. ^^clubba

    I don’t know about asher’s case but lupe…from the way I’ve seen/heard about his lifestyle, his choice of words in his music…I think he’s not calling himself a rapper because he looks to bring out the art of music in his music…if he called himself a rapper it would probably seem like a 1-dimensional type of path to him. Not that he thinks he’s too cool…but he probably feels he’s got more artistic dimensions to offer than just rap…

    I dunno…im jus rambling what im thinkin…maybe im right/wrong..

  8. Lupe thinking he’s too cool wouldn’t be too much of an assumption. We’re talking Kanye-level cockiness without the publicity for it.

  9. ^ kanye level cockiness? lupe said he doesn’t even think he’s that good of a lyricist….

    anyway this freestyle is NICE

  10. we all know what asher’s real freestyles sound like and this is clearly written.. hes wack!!

  11. Asher is the shit

  12. spud…you are a lame and a hater…asher spit off the dome for 20 min on westwoods show and killed it….no one does that anymore. you are a lame my dude. Asher is real and this shit is classic.

  13. Way Better Than The Other Freestyles, But I Cant Wait For Bread

  14. He Cant freestyle, RIP THE KING OF FREESTYLES BIG L

  15. … and also the best gives whoever rapping a fast pace flow and makes them sound better then they actually are, listen to what he said.. nothing special… and it was written. 100

  16. beat*

  17. NEW MUSIC @

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  19. so horrible.. asher roth kills himself = best thing he can do for his career, sing country or do alternative homie

  20. […] Eric B. & Rakim’s classsssic joint, Juice (Know The Ledge) Courtesy of the nice people of 2dopeboyz Sidebar: another sidebar, if I may, speaking of Eric B & Rakim, I picked up the 12″ […]

  21. ya’ll hating…this was hot

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