Jay-Z’s Six-Point Best Life Diagnostic

Jay-Z’s recent cover story with Best Life magazine is now available in it’s entirety. Closing off the interview Hov gives you a checklist to follow when striving for your dreams. Hit the jump…


~ by Shake on March 13, 2009.

14 Responses to “Jay-Z’s Six-Point Best Life Diagnostic”

  1. hov

  2. Trite. Hov is still that dude, though.

  3. cool

  4. Given the existence of “stereotype threat”, I always dig reading this kind of stuff.

    Appreciated the blurb about glorifying the projects and such…

    Good post…

  5. […] more here:  Jay-Z’s Six-Point Best Life Diagnostic Tags: 2dopeboyz, best life, blu, busta rhymes, charles hamilton, convinced, curtis, digiwaxx, […]

  6. hova, his confidence level is inspiring, he needs to write a book. I would read it and learn some shit.

  7. smart.

  8. This is actually really intelligent tips.
    They are simple and straightforward, but somehow often overlooked, blurred or ignored.
    Cuz its true ppl get wrapped up in the outcome, not the action; you can’t control your work once you’re finished it- but that shouldnt matter if you put your best efforts into it, it will be great (or at least to your standards) so stressing about it after the fact will only lead to heartache and failure.. and most importantly belieeeeve in yourself. Ppl can smell a lie, fear and insecurity.

    Im gonna have to keep this bookmarked- i kno I need daily reminders.

  9. B3

  10. Very solid read. I always find Jay to be a very good speaker to the common folk and can convey his and our feelings and emotions to the most book-smart people in a way that is intelligable and efficient.

  11. […] source : 2dopeboyz […]

  12. Timeless advice..Great stuff for all ages..

    And YES Slick, B3!!!!

  13. […] March 16, 2009 Cool article about Jay-Z. It gets into Jay-Z’s mentality, and the life experiences that led to who he is now. Definitely worth reading if you’re a Jay-Z fan. Via 2dopeboyz. […]

  14. How is this trite, akash? WTF?

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