Nipsey Hu$$le – Bootleg Kev Freestyle (Video)

The guy who introduced “turnt up” into my daily lexicon goes in over Jake One’s “The Truth.”


~ by Meka on March 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “Nipsey Hu$$le – Bootleg Kev Freestyle (Video)”

  1. i still don’t understand the co-sign this guys gets

  2. real talk, i don’t either. but he speaks to my inglewood side.

  3. NEW WEST!!!!

  4. he speaks to the inner hood that even our corporate sides can’t shed…shoutout to my boy Mac chillin to the right of Nipsey in the back

    i cosign cuz i know he real about his and he reminds me of alotta folks i grew up around

  5. some people jus want 2 hear about how fucked up the game is and hear something new and fresh..but you can’t say that he can’t spit..he doesnt need a cosign if you heard him while you were jus walkin down the street your would prlly say he had jus give the nigg his credit.

  6. Man whatever this shyt is not a freestyle. Tired of dudes wrappin bout the same stuff all the time. He need to step up his game. SMH freestyle with a chorus what a joke. SMH

  7. Dope

  8. fuck NIpsey Hussle, dude is a bitch real talk. I seen him in Boulder at THE GAME concert and had to step up to dude cause he push my brother in the vip section. He starts to act hard when his security steps in. what a fake as thug. Clawson my ass!

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