Random Acts Of Fuckery: Jim Jones Edition

Real talk, I’ve heard my fair share of stories how Jim has this “holier than thou and I’ll let you know it,” bully-type of arrogance around people, and seeing shit like this actually makes me dislike him as a person now instead of just as a rapper. Hip hop lost.


~ by Meka on March 13, 2009.

30 Responses to “Random Acts Of Fuckery: Jim Jones Edition”

  1. what a ponk… jenny your money is only gonna buy you fake friends. everyone else knows you’re a nobody.

  2. straight up bitchmade.

  3. such as asshole… dude doesnt deserve any respect

  4. wtf… out numbered or not… i would have hit that nigga at least 1

  5. *adds jim jones to his shitlist*

  6. What point was he trying to prove exactly? Ignorant no matter what transpired before the video started rolling

  7. big dude shoulda knocked his ass out, haha.

  8. ^^^^ i know right… @ LEAST 1 FUCKIN HIT SMH

  9. *laughing at all of the jim jones fans (past/present/future)*… ni ever listened to the dude, never paid attention to him, never cared… this right here is just validation lol.


  11. dweeb? really jimmy? nerd and gay jokes? how bout criticizing the service or something idk

  12. I am not one to judge without seeing both sides of the story, how can you guys judge a man’s character from a 1 minute sensationalized video?

  13. Jenny Jones is a bitch, has always been a bitch, and will continue to be a bitch until the day comes that he no longer breathes. Tru Life and them L.E.S. cats have proven that Jenny is a bitch 10 times over. His album will flop HARD. His little reality show didn’t even see the light of day. How the fuck are you such a star and you can’t even get a Flavor Flav deal on VH1?

  14. ^^^

    Yeah; you can judge him based on that b/c none of the other ppl lost their temper. Never have i listen’d to his music; he’s just not my style.


  16. i’m not a fan of jim jones. i’m a fan of hip hop, i heard his released tracks for his album and i liked it. i was going to cop his album, just to show my support for hip hop. but from what i just seen on this video, his album will be downloaded. i’ll support other artists like jada’s album coming out.

  17. Its almost like the dudes with him are embarrassed to be there. none of them were ready to attack anyone else. they were kinda just standing around with a lost look on there face

  18. What a BITCH! Jim ,you need to chill the fuck out,for real.No matter what happened there,that shit was dumb as fuck. Check yourself dude.

  19. “give it back…give it back…now I ain’t giving you nothing…and i’ll just say I robbed u bitch”

    ^ LOL. ok, thats about as “street” as the yellow-brick-road o.O….
    …failblog this 😛

  20. douuuuuuuuuche bag

  21. i would fight jim jones 1 on 1 anyday and pummel his lil weak frame..fuck that nigga

  22. So apparently little Jimmy’s credit card was declined – not an acceptable reason to behave like an asshole. Sad that he has to act tough in front of his boys to hide his insecurities… you sorely need counseling Jim Jim.

  23. haha…hella immature. damn jenny, change your tampon.

  24. @ n8888888

    anyone who uses the word ‘faggot’, i’ll already fucking hate them.
    plus i already know he is a cocky bitch so this video elaborates on my judgement.

  25. What A Fucking Loser Grow Up Dude, I Guess That If 30 Is The New 20, Then 20 Is The New 12 Year Old And This Proves It. He Can Pay For School But He Cant Buy Class


    o mannnnnnnn what a pussy. thats a real tough guy nowadays

  27. Wow, I’ve never liked that dude. This ain’t the first time I’ve seen wack ass behavior from him, so I’m not surprised. I’m not one to judge often, but dude is, like…. against everything I believe in. LOL

  28. “Homo, I can see it in your eyes!”…

    LMAO… Didn’t know Jimmy had Gay-dar…

  29. ^^
    Ever heard the saying ‘it takes one to know one.’ That’s how he knew.

  30. How come these “tough guys” can’t see that it’s a straight up bitch move, to talk trash while walking away?

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