Rapper Big Pooh – Delightful Bars (Artwork: All Versions)

The response was pretty good when I posted up the North American Pie and Belgian Chocolate versions of Pooh’s upcoming album cover for Delightful Bars. I now have all four and figured I’d make a new post showcasing the greatness. Although the artwork may change, the tracklist will still be the same (the Candy Apple iTunes version being the lone difference). UPDATE: Just got word that there might be a new version of the North American Pie artwork (if they don’t get a censored response). You’ll see why after the jump…


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~ by Shake on March 13, 2009.

13 Responses to “Rapper Big Pooh – Delightful Bars (Artwork: All Versions)”

  1. i dont even like chocolate like that. but the belgian joint…..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. and i wouldnt care if my mom caught me with that apple pie.

  2. Quite tantalizing covers

  3. I love this idea…….. cant wait to hear all 4!!!!!!!

  4. (Right Click, Save Image As…..)

  5. Should be dope but the great news is Phonte just said he’s gonna put out a solo this year in the fall on okayplayer’s forums.

  6. Right click, what’s that?

  7. You know how most mouse’s have two main buttons… right click = the one on the right

  8. nice post…..can’t wait to hear em

  9. Its because that fool is on a mac yo!!!

    for reference im on a PC and will die before I use mac…. LOL

  10. […] more here: Rapper Big Pooh – Delightful Bars (Artwork: All Versions) Tags: asher-roth, bestofbothoffices, brooklyn, busta rhymes, capone-n-noreaga, charles hamilton, […]

  11. added another “north american pie” version. the one they want to use and will if they are allowed haha.

  12. […] Rapper Big Pooh – Delightful Bars (Artwork: All Versions) […]

  13. @Shake Regardless, It’s The One I’m Using On My iTunes.lol

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