Reks – Goodnight & Goodluck (prod. DEMO)

Another gem off Reks More Grey Hairs, which is available no on iTunes!

DOWNLOAD: Reks – Goodnight & Goodluck (prod. DEMO)


~ by Shake on March 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “Reks – Goodnight & Goodluck (prod. DEMO)”

  1. Shake is there gonna be a physical release? I’d like to wait for that if there is but if not I’ll buy the itunes version.

  2. did it just release today??
    been looking forward to it.

  3. Album is incredible! Better than Grey Hairs, which it should be. I’ll be pumpin’ the album constantly.

    My top 3 are: “System”. “Play My Music”. “Bitter”.

  4. Nice song and I never realized how much reks’ voice sounds like Kanye’s

  5. Does anyone have “Bitter,” “Why Do We Say Goodbye” & “I Ain’t S**t?”

  6. I only bought the tracks I named lol. Because I was waitin’ to see if I could get the CD in-store. I just got those to get me by, for the time being ♠

  7. co-sign Justin I like this song a lot though & he does sound very similar to Ye in it though!

  8. Damn Reks! I just listened to the snippets on iTunes, and the album sounds dope. I’m headed out to see if I can cop an actual CD

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