The Genesis of Beef: Nas vs Jay-Z

I’m sitting here waiting for BooBooTV to get on their shit and release the sextape from Ricky’s baby mama; I come across this extremely dope write up by Kevin Nottingham. He basically broke down the entire beef between Nas & Hov in a way I haven’t seen done before. He goes waaay back. Back into time. Quoting lyrics I bet 85% of ya’ll (including me, on some) didn’t even relate to the verbal war. Check out his site and see what I’m yappin about.

READ: The Genesis of Beef: Nas vs Jay-Z


~ by Shake on March 13, 2009.

20 Responses to “The Genesis of Beef: Nas vs Jay-Z”

  1. Dope find!

  2. Great piece. I think there need to be more rap historians.

  3. Eh. Closer to 2001 that shit sounds legit. But some of it is a stretcccch.

  4. not bad. but check boobootv now. just saw it… damn ricky

  5. Yeah was reading this on kev’s blog today, very good article.

  6. This is why I laugh at all that 50 cent video fuckery
    That nigga can’t beef battle
    What he has to do is all this shit that has nothin to do with nothin
    Jay Z and Nas battle was crazy back then
    All of NY stood up then
    This shit is horrible

  7. great read… learned a few things I didn’t know about. For the most part throughout high school, I was on top of this shit lol… Especially being the hip hop head (Jay-Z Stan, Huge Nas fan) that I was.

  8. its up on there now wow this is crazy 50

  9. Great read! Nothing ground breaking though.

  10. I will read this and elaborate later.


  12. p.s. I’m still waiting for that Nas x Kanye “The World” CDQ joint to drop if the CDQ even exists!

  13. Co-sign, tommy. That Nas/Kanye is epic…. and would be even better CDQ lol

  14. co-sign, when is it gonna drop? props for the find

  15. Isn’t this another diss from One Mic?

    For real a hustler, purchased my Range, niggaz throwin dirt on my name
    Jealous cause fiends got they work and complain

  16. Co-sign, tommy. That Nas/Kanye is epic…. and would be even better CDQ lol


    ha, im not sure it even exists….it prob wont see the light of day for like 2 years lmaoooo. it was a really short song too =/

  17. p.s. I’m still waiting for that Nas x Kanye “The World” CDQ joint to drop if the CDQ even exists!

    ^^^^ME too

    Yo 2DopeBoyz, I’ve been following this blog for a minute and never commented….keep doin ya’lll thing

  18. The people in here that are giving this post the respect it deserves are just ignorant. Great job. I always wondered about both of their verses in “I do it for hip hop” because they both claim to be “the one” and it was just strange amidst the “peace” they formed. It’s not really over.

  19. this is only time where I actually like readin about history, nice work kevin

  20. There’s a much better look at the situation here.
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    It avoids intense analysis of the early subliminal lines in order to focus on the songs that came out when the beef was really jumping. It also discusses stories not referenced in song. Infinitely more in depth and written much better than the one posted here. Not to say the one here is bad, it just pales in comparison. The one posted here looks at the right lines, but the analysis is a little shoddy. I mean “U Wanna Be Me” is a CLEAR shot at Jay. Consider the time of the cut and how the “how many classics I gave you” line, what other conclusions are there?

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