Fat Joe – One f. Akon (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

World premier! Official video for the Fat Elephant’s first single off his upcoming album, J.O.S.E. 2 (*sigh), dropping May 19th April 7th.


~ by Shake on March 14, 2009.

19 Responses to “Fat Joe – One f. Akon (Video)”

  1. The Fat Elephant and Teeny Bop Humper Hop!!! What a duo! As far as I’m concerned there is only 1 “One” and that track is performed by one Ghostface & friends

  2. I just want this dude to stop making music since it’s wrong to wish death on someone.

  3. wow i was happy b4 i clickd the play button, now im depressd thats how bad it was lol.. The chick is a honey no doubt.. Side note did anyone clock the bit wen joe opens the door to the street with a woolie hat on then takes it off wen hes outside hahahaha

    Joe u jus need ONE track without a Feature lol

  4. this is so lame. this is the most generic song/video ever lol… joe fell the fuck off.
    eat shit die.

  5. this is song is bumpin you guys ever been to a party before?

  6. […] here: Fat Joe – One f. Akon (Video) Tags: 2009, akon, ant, artwork, bestofbothoffices, cassie, chris-brown, convinced, delightful […]

  7. hahaha i was laughing at the fat elephant.

  8. Ya’ll tripping this is a real dope song & video! After hearing this again I may have to look out for Joey’s new album now to! The chick real fine to good choice by Joe to have her in the video! Anybody know who she is cause unless I’m tripping she look awfully familiar?!

  9. one and thats exactly what this song gets a FAT 1… does this nigga ever put out a single without Akon’s wack ass on it anymore damn… Joe need a new hustle… rap aint his thang… and your blowed lol Lil Nello

  10. cory gunz version wuz hella betta than wack joe’s

  11. at least it wasant set in Miami….man the song is actually good at least he didnt throw an auto-tune on it! Its a real mainstream crossover song…it can be something you hear in the streets and in clubs I like it keep making the music joey.


  13. wow, lame as f@#k

  14. Fat Joe fell off? When was he ever really on?

    I’ve never seen what ANYONE has ever seen in Obese Joseph. If you look in my music library, only Large Joey tracks I have are instrumentals.

  15. i want people to stop being racsit n stop hattin

  16. this hits the laddies with that ghetto love shit they like to hear

  17. Who here is being racist? And how exactly does one participate in “hattin”?

  18. some ppl need stop hatin on joe. this trick is dope. Cory’s is good too. I hav both version on my mp3 player.
    Listen to the music and stop sayin what everybody says : Fat joe is wack n all tha.
    if you still hate him, y dont u support soulja boy then or even mike jones( Who? where he @ ?)

  19. i like this song

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