Ghostface Killa & DOOM – Chinatown Wars (Original x Remix) [Full/CDQ]

Boom. I told ya’ll it wouldn’t take long for the full CDQ to leak after Premo dropped it on his radio show. And sure enough Green Lantern comes through with not only the original, but a remix as well! Shouts to Dre on the assist! Guess I took a loss with my fuck Twitter stance.

DOWNLOAD: Ghostface & DOOM – Chinatown Wars (Orignal)
DOWNLOAD: Ghostace Killah & DOOM – Chinatown Wars (rmx)


~ by Shake on March 14, 2009.

28 Responses to “Ghostface Killa & DOOM – Chinatown Wars (Original x Remix) [Full/CDQ]”


  2. The remix is OK, but the original is that shit…

  3. Who cares about this when you have Doom’s new album? 🙂

  4. This shit is dope…..Doom and Starks need to drop that album they was supposedly working on.

  5. yeah twitter is that fire. thx for this!

  6. ive been fiendin for this ever since that snippet you dropped a little while ago


  8. @ K

    how and where?!?!?!

  9. Somewhere in the realm of the internet 😉

  10. man, just got it at waffles. can’t wait to listen! copping the album regardless.

  11. this is hawwt

  12. Both are fire but that remix is awesome.


  14. Sounded dope. Shiz, DOOM’s album is dope too. Than again it’s DOOM. UGOAT? Not to mention Tony Starks goes hard and gets you uncomfortable as usual. Oh No on the beat! My rating? Two thumbs up, an ankle, and an elbow.

  15. […] the original post: Ghostface Killa & DOOM – Chinatown Wars (Original x Remix) [Full/CDQ] Tags: ant, artwork, best life, brooke, chris-brown, curtis, diddy, digiwaxx, doom, dr. dre, […]

  16. @ K, you talkin bout “Born Like This” or that bs “Doom” compilation album. I’m pretty sure if you had it you would actually share where you got it.

  17. The original is crack, that remix is eh

  18. Born Like This yeah. It’s legit, as some others here might be able to confirm already.

  19. Wow did Ghost really say, “I move like a pornstar on charm school!” Now that’s some real lyrical true Hip-Hop right there! You could never go wrong with Ghost & Doom! Ghost always stay consistent & him & Doom always bring that TRUE REAL CLASSIC Hip-Hop when they do come together for a track!

    This is fuckin’ awesome. Thanks 2Dope.

  21. Yeah Born has leaked.

  22. born has leaked
    and i got the leak for ya’lll


    thank me later
    like drake

  24. dope sheeeeeit!

  25. @ Yeahisaidit

    is that for real or are you just trying to give people a nice little surprise virus. Dont fuck around if its not the real thing, cause DOOM’s music is like crack and I’m Tyrone Biggums, so dont fuck around with me.

  26. @ EnterTheKnows

    its real
    i just downloaded it from there

  27. both versions are dope.. OH NO goes bananas on the beats.. he did a lot of the beats for the game too.. that game is gonna be fire..

  28. the beat is fucking wild

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