$hamrock – It’s A Wrap

New single off the (white) rapper’s upcoming debut, From Worst To First. I figured it’s worth the post, considering I’m gonna be gone off that green drink all night tonight. *shrugs…

DOWNLOAD: $hamrok – It’s A Wrap


~ by Shake on March 14, 2009.

23 Responses to “$hamrock – It’s A Wrap”

  1. I just threw up in my own mouth

    Asher Roth + K-Fed + Shamrock + Souljah Boy = Killyourself hip hop

  2. haha, isn’t this that dude that had his fronts fall out while he was trying to battle on that show or some shit?

  3. john brown + shamrock

    the future of hip hop..


  4. vanilla ice>john brown>shamrock LOL

  5. this dude’s career is a wrap.

  6. *no shots*

  7. ^^^

    Asher?? Lyrically/creative he’s definitely on point, i dont know what your talking about.

  8. yea unxpekted is like a masochist, just likes getting off on people hating him

  9. Asher’s album better be what Shake says it is

    coz lyrically he sucks

  10. Next tupac smh

  11. […] posted here:  $hamrock – It’s A Wrap Tags: $hamrock, 2dopeboyz, akon, ali, ant, Beef, bestofbothoffices, brooke, casey veggies, cassie, […]

  12. asher is the truth.
    this guy isn’t even HORRIBLE… wait lemme rephrase
    he’s better than a lot of dudes from the south lol,
    he is NO different from Gucci Mane and a lot of those type of dudes,
    same style, no substance except this dude is white and the only reason anyone knows about him is because of the white rapper show so yeah…


  13. aight nevermind he is horrible but still if he was black and wasn’t from the white rapper show there would be people who fuck with him. this shit is laaame though lol. we don’t believe you, you need more people.

  14. just a quick question for all of you that love to hate on dudes like Asher, which is kind of ironic because y’all are still on his dick hating while on some other white rappers post…but I keep reading that he is “lyrically” wack, you guys probably love Jay Z or Busta Right? (Dudes are definitely two of the most incredible in the game and I’m not even trying to compare especially cuz they are pushing forty and are originators in the sense) But half the time there lyrical content is one hundred percent either bullshit and they aren’t saying a damn thing (meaning not making any sense or in your terms “lyrically wack” just rhyming there ass off) or rapping about the same ol’ bullshit and they are still dope as fuck. Is Asher any different besides him being white and almost 20 years younger, dude can rap his ass off, and in 10 years he might prove his greatness like others have. Think about it, otherwise keep hating cuz either way your still on his dick one way or another. Love homie or hate him, that’s hip-hop for you.

  15. …but Asher won’t be around in ten years. Case closed.

  16. damn i aint know sasha could predict the future!!

  17. This is jammin… I dont know what yall listening to? The beat is bananas!!! And $ham rides it the right way…

  18. This is the SHIT!!!! Keep it coming Sham

  19. song isnt that bad, especially comin from a product of the white rapper show

  20. Looks like the same person just made three comments trying to up this lame haha

  21. This is sumthin turrible

  22. Ashes is as good as my ass when it farts.. Praising the fucking garbage era


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