Joe Budden, Wale & 9th Wonder Talk Internet Comments

While Joe finally heads over to lace his verse for Wale’s upcoming mixtape; he chops it up with 9th, Wale & Tahiry about ya’ll c-boys and the comments ya’ll leave. They also express their thoughts on KiD CuDi and Hov. Straight up though… Wale is fuckin’ hilarious and Joey over 9th Wonder production is gonna be serious.

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~ by Shake on March 14, 2009.

59 Responses to “Joe Budden, Wale & 9th Wonder Talk Internet Comments”

  1. man fucc all them niggas
    read that shit bitch
    nah im playing
    i love all of these artists
    i bump mixtape about nothing
    and mood muzik
    for nothing real talk
    good conversation

  2. i’d love to watch that vid…too bad hoe buddens is on it

  3. lol Budden be harsh on niggas, least he honest tho

  4. Wale is that Nigguh!!

  5. HAHAHA aww man… gotta love Joe, Wale and 9th’s input on the game… Joe’s brutal honesty is always a plus… even tho I dig Jay-Z flow on the 97 freestyle with Big L lol… plus Wale might be right about Slaughterhouse putting out a new song and it getting more hits than a new Jay-Z/Nas joint. (Although i’d be more likely to dl the Jay-Nas song.)

  6. that shit about world star was the truth tho lol

  7. cant wait for dat wale & 9th jank
    aww yeh boy its gone be hot like magma straight out the volcano

  8. Hellyeah, you’re a fuckin lame. You’re exactly the type of person they were JUST talking about. You be actin like when you see a new budden track or new Slaughterhouse track, you don’t click to listen to it. Fuck outta here

  9. ^hi hoe buddens…and yes im proud to say i haven’t heard a single slaughterhouse track yet…them internet entities don’t really matter to me

  10. to keep it all the way real, i would probably hit up a slaughterhouse record before a nas/jay record right now. cuz slaughterhouse got that heat. the nas/jay record would definitely be clicked on right after it though. i just havent liked jays shit that much lately minus the my president is black remix and history. nas still got heat i think though. it also depends on whos on the beat to me. just my opinion though

  11. and btw, cudi cant rap. he will never be an elite rapper in the game. he still makes good music though, imo

  12. ^ you proud to say you have an opinion on shit you havent heard …fukin ignorant shit get the fuk outta here….

  13. @hellyeah

    in the words of Royce off the newest Slaughterhouse track Fight Club…

    “I’m a veteran remember that shit, if we some internet rappers then why you on our internet dicks?”

    You are the definition of the mental midgets they were talking about in the video. If you don’t like Joe Budden or Slaughterhouse you could’ve easily just scrolled right on past this post but you didn’t. You felt the need to make a post keeping Budden’s dick in your mouth. Congratulations you’re a lame!

  14. Kid Cudi hasn’t done shit since Day N Nite

  15. dear stev-o

    i clicked this post cause i saw wale and 9th’s names

    like i said before …i couldn’t care less about your internet hero hoe buddens

    have a nice day

  16. ^^^
    Yet Joe Budden’s name preceeds both 9th and Wale’s in the title. Given your criteria of not watching or listening to anything with Joe Budden, why would you need to click on the link? Unless of course you’re lying and you actually did watch the video and you actually do listen to every Budden or Slaughterhouse track that’s released. The “Hoe Buddens” nickname is real cute too, if you’re a suburban middle school student.

  17. ^our conversation ended with my last post

    why do you keep it going? are you hoe buddens?

  18. @pudo
    have you heard Sky Might Fall?
    Have you heard Switchin Lanes?
    CuDi is making nothing but good stuff

  19. cudi cant rap s dot, you off your meds for that one

  20. off topic. i know.
    but casey v. gave the site a shout out on the new song on c-san’s myspace. you heard it yet shake?

  21. I don’t consider CuDi a rapper
    thats why i mess with him

  22. Wale and Budden are 2 of my favorite artists at the moment,and they fuckin hilarious but I honestly wouldnt have watched that vid if Tahiry wasn’t in it!!

  23. lol at wale on 0:57.
    “oh my gawwd!”haha

  24. @rMel

    Sky Might Fall is OK(nothing great)
    Switchin Lanes is wack

    I actually liked Cudi when I first saw him in Chicago, but I haven’t heard anything from him that has topped Day N Nite. Every artist knows that you have to top your last record in order to make it. Everything after Day N Nite has been subpar at best. Sorry to say it, but he’s heading down the one hit wonder route.

  25. Wale needs more camera time thats some funny shit he was talking!!!

    True say i havent heard enough Wale to say if he is “Dope” or “not” but i will give him the time of day he is on my list of rappers to check….

    He got MERKED on a joint by Brother Ali tho!!!!

  26. how’s Joe Budden gonna say that different rhyme scheme patterns is garbage? lol. Joe wouldn’t be able to ride a beat and rhythm that switched up if it meant his life… god forbid he tries to do that on a freestyle (aka off the top, not the new school definition of freestyle which is unheard or unreleased exclusive ish) lol.

  27. oops. i forgot to say in there ‘multi syllabic, doubles and triplets, etc.

  28. “Hoe Buddens”? srsly? That’s supposed to be a funny crack on Budden’s name?

    I swear “hellyeah” and “Unxpekted” should form an “I hate Joe Buddens” stannery website. They can’t stand dude but almost always comment on every post he’s in.

    It’s weird.

  29. lmao @ royce usin a Game Genie

  30. “how’s Joe Budden gonna say that different rhyme scheme patterns is garbage? lol.”

    I THINK he was talkin’ about Jay-Z. Not anyone else who tries to double-time. Because if I remember correctly, Twista did a song with Budden on the Green Lantern tape.


  32. @gremlin
    Brother Ali woulda merked anybody on that track. that albino can spit it

  33. Damn, Wale is a DC nigga for real “young”. hahaha.

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  36. @ Classik why Brother Ali gotta be albino fam…why cant he just be a brother?

    just playin witcha Ali does have some dope shit, 2nd Time Around oh my gawd

  37. Wale day everyday next week.

  38. Wale is a sensitive ass nigga , I can tell he cried when the bullies called him ugly at school. Man up nigga there just comments

  39. LMAO

    This shit is so true, like every damn point. Especially Joe Budden talking about comments on Nah Right.

  40. Check out the new japanese cartoon track (Lupe Fiasco)

  41. wack

  42. mane fuck yall cuDi is nasty-SKy might fall is hard like HD
    Have yall heard look up at da Stars by Kid cuDI feat wale???
    Fiya tracks
    aside from that
    …*stops and looks up at shake*…
    man u kno when back to the feature cumin out??
    c’mon mane u gotta kno sumin cuz they bs’in wit releasin it
    like it an album. Wale keep pushin it back like what camron did wit purple haze- i kno u got an
    inside 411 on dat(or at least i hope) lol

  43. internet souldiers watdup!!

  44. Wale’s a joker haha.
    Jus chillin.

  45. Wale needs more camera time thats some funny shit he was talking!!!

    True say i havent heard enough Wale to say if he is “Dope” or “not” but i will give him the time of day he is on my list of rappers to check….

    He got MERKED on a joint by Brother Ali tho!!!!
    Yo, that Ali shit was verse of the year. Wale is one of my favorite rappers right now, but Ali owned that joint. And Wale still spit dope verses. If you want the all around feel of Wale, check joints like Warwick Avenue, Searching, Artistic Integrity, Kramer, Bmore club slam, Star, Work, Camp Lo, W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E., Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Those show his different stlyes

  46. i’m still waiting on that new Weathermen album. 😦

  47. wale reppin the tight jeans!!


  48. niggas entitled to they opinions n every thing but joe buddens drawin talkin about hov’s flow is like moses tellin jesus some shit about how the wind should blow.

  49. Joey really is kinda like Moses. Only thing, Budden’s one miracle came before people started aimlessly following him.I ain’t hatin on Budden either, like Wale said, the dick riding is way too much.

  50. Nah Right’s comment section really is fukkin wack and i was laughing when they were talking bout it…this is the Joe Budden tv i like 2 see…ill conversation & i was lls @ the ” tight jeans” Joe cracked on Wale

  51. & im wonderin if Wale is finished making the album cuz that is wat he should working on even if he wants 2 get the mixtape out b4 the album…it was suppose drop this spring but i guess its gettin pushed back now..

  52. album coming this summer….mixtape release date coming soon

  53. Can’t wait to hear new Wale stuff man. Dude is definitely nice.
    Joe and Wale on a 9th beat? That should definitely be dope.

  54. i remember Joe doing an HHDX article stating that 9th Wonder was the type a nigga that wouldn’t return a phone call, but speak to you like everything was all good if he saw you in public.

    I’m glad to see they’re working together.

  55. 9th is not that type of dude. He still gives artists in North Carolina beats on the humble. Im not on some dick riding shit but yo dude is thoro. Winston Salem what up! Wale is just dope…and that verse he was talking about was bananas……Joe Budden hook back up with WhiteBoy….he is dope *check…Dilla Ruff Draft shoutouts….he was named* Your beats needs help brother. Joe tried to hate on Wale at the end. Budden girl was all about conversation with that was vivid.

  56. CuDi>Wale>Buddens

  57. Wale is 10x a better rapper than Cudi. Cudi is a below average lyricist and his mixtape was garbage. He gets mad hype because he mad one good song, and now the nigga decides to quit LOL.
    Hamilton>Wale>Asher Roth>Cudi

  58. Wale and the Game Genie Comment,Brilliant!!! Funny as hell!!! I agree with Wale on the Jay-Z comment too. Game Genie…lmao

  59. Wale’s much better than Hamilton. Hamilton is a sick lyricist and has put out mostly garbage. He has mad hype because he can spit and put out 2 good songs. Let’s see if he can be more than another Papoose.

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