Listening to Sharpies: It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo! (Video)

I wonder if this will get as many views without Andrea in the still shot above (or her name in the title). We’ll see! It’s another edition of Listening to Sharpies with And what better way to review 6th Sense’s It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo! than having the man himself partake in the video? Excellente! UPDATE: I had to bring this back to the top as they seemed to have listened to the Shake regarding the still shot. Let’s see those numbers jump now haha!

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~ by Shake on March 14, 2009.

13 Responses to “Listening to Sharpies: It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo! (Video)”

  1. haha at no comments because no fine as chick

  2. she’s in it too!

  3. Damn, chick sat on his lap.

  4. Man, 6th Sense is the troof but they need to put hunny dip in that screeen shot 4reel.

  5. **waits for Big Mike

    this shows how much the show needs Andrea (eventho she’s still in it). haha

  6. […] is the original post: Listening to Sharpies: It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo! (Video) Tags: 2009, 6th sense, ali, artwork, capone-n-noreaga, carter, channel 10, […]

  7. guess my predictions were right haha. i think the screen shot should just be andrea’s chest.

    numbers through the rooooooof
    no shots.

  8. LOL at not comments because she’s not in it…LOL..even tho..

  9. I’m in it! damn Shake was right.. smh (ha)

  10. I’m here famo! I’ll support Drea no matter what.

  11. 15 minutes are up…

  12. It’s cool Drea. The number of comments cannot define your beauty or talents. Your biggest fan is here!

  13. Lol,is Listening to Sharpies the new name or old or something? Either way, I am laughing at the amount of comments. Not that it says anything about the post but when I was an RA at school and we had to plan programs, the one thing we knew for sure is that to get people to show up you need food and the opposite sex. And really, not even food if you have the latter. Just a little science experiment.

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